What Was I Thinking? II

Photo credits to Google Images.

Let me begin by introducing myself. My name is Emily; a happy-go-lucky girl who believes one should not deprive herself of the joys of being alive. And I believe in love or should I say, used to. I used to believe there was this special someone for me somewhere and when we met, there would be fireworks in the sky and little hearts in my eyes (of course I’m exaggerating), but I knew it would be special. And it was (or I thought it was at the time, silly me) when I met Tony. He was everything my fairy tale- naïve mind had pictured and fantasized for months. What wasn’t to love about him? He was perfect! Karen used to say that although I was mad about how things ended between us, she was sure if he came back with his cute puppy eyes and his sweet tongue (and of course bearing gifts), I would jump into his arms before he actually said the now over-used and almost meaningless words, “I’m sorry.” Maybe I would have.

But who could blame me? He caught my attention when I was a fresher in college and judging from my high school experience which amounted to nothing, I would never have known better. This is not to paint him black. He was…in short, a lady’s man.

All my friends drooled over him; except of course Karen. She was okay with him at first but she began acting cold and distant. At first I thought it was sheer jealousy that I was spending more 6time with him than her but she said she did not trust him because he was too smooth.

I blinked hard, thinking my ears were playing tricks on me.

“What?” I asked after that ridiculous remark had sunk in. Karen merely shrugged as she arranged her clothes in the wardrobe.

“Since when did being smooth call for a red flag? You can be so weird sometimes, Karen. I’m still wondering how you got yourself a boyfriend before I did.”

“I’m being practical here. You’re the kind that believes in fairy tales and those honey, do not happen.”

“We create our own fairy tales and Tony happens to be my prince charming.”

“I think there’s a thin line between smooth and slippery. You might find yourself down a slippery road with him.”

“Enough with the metaphor. What are you saying?”

“I’m just saying be careful. You might want to use your head once in a while when you’re with him because it seems you switch it off and go auto-pilot on your heart and that my friend, is not wise.”

“I don’t even know why I insist. It seems you’re allergic to giving straight answers.”

I should have read in between the lines back then. But chatting with Karen could be as hectic as trying to understand Shakespearean write-ups. Karen has always been like my guardian angel but I’ve always had a stubborn ear to reason. I remember that fateful day….Tony’s birthday.

Karen watched me with an arched brow and folded arms as I hummed to myself whiles dressing up.

“So what’s the plan for tonight?” She asked.

“Just have fun. It’s a party, Karen. You should come.”

“Puleeze…” she scoffed.

“You could use that as an opportunity to look out for me. I know how much you like to do that. You love me too much, don’t you?” I laughed when she made that hissing sound and lay on her bed.

“So what happens after the party? Will there be an after-party?”

I glanced at her when I sensed the undertone to the question.

“Your point being?”

“I’m just asking; are you coming back after the party or you two will have your own exclusive one?”

“I’m not even going to answer that,” I said, picking up my phone and handbag.

I left the room without another word and slammed the door behind me. I wonder what I did wrong for the universe to reward me such a wet blanket to be my best friend. Sometimes I just want to strangle her…

Anyway, the party was a blast and I felt like a queen as the birthday boy made sure everyone there knew who I was to him and I felt on top of the world. Now looking back, I think it was all part of an elaborate plan to get what he really wanted from me and I fell for it…face down. I was the only girl who had his full attention that evening. I guess Karen was right after all; about the thin line between smooth and slippery.

When the party was done, I was a bit tipsy with all the little sips he had offered me. He was an actor; a very good one at that. When we were finally alone, I gave him my present.

“I appreciate it but your presence makes it the best party ever.” I smiled.

“All I need to make this perfect complete is you.”

“You already have me,” I said, not quite clear on what he meant. He knelt before me and placed his hands on my thighs. The look in his eyes said it all. I bit my lower lip.



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