Alone With My Thoughts


I lay awake in the night;

Staring hard at nothing;

All I can hear is the beating of my own heart and the ticking of the clock;

Because everything else has gone to sleep;

My mind is busy buzzing;

Thinking about what, I do not know;

But sleep continues to elude me;

And instead of feeling relaxed,

I feel more tired with each passing minute.


Then I become afraid;

Not of the darkness;

But of being left alone with my thoughts;

In the quietness of it all;

My mind begins to play all the suppressed thoughts;

The deepest fears relayed;

The worst scenarios painted so real;

That I feel I’m having a nightmare though wide awake;

So I close my eyes hoping they would all go away.


And when the morning sun’s rays hit my eyes;

And my brain reboots to start the day;

I forget it all; after all it’s a new day;

I am cheerful, without a care in the world;

Everything seems fine; every thought hopeful;

Until the night falls again;

And all I hear is the beating of my heart

Which was happy before but now anxiously;

And I’m left with my thoughts all over again.


3 Comments Add yours

    1. joseyphina says:

      Happens to everyone at one point in time, I suppose


  1. paulibrams says:

    It happens to me especially when i am distressed. Thanks for sharing.


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