Hello, My Name Is

Worry- I creep into your mind and replay your deepest fears;
I remind you of every possible worst scenario that could happen;
I make you think about the problem the whole time without offering a solution;
I steal your moment of peace and offer you hours of despair instead.

Fear-everyone’s least favorite companion;
False Evidence Appearing Real is how some people choose to define me;
I stop you from taking the next step forward but pull you backwards instead;
I keep you chained to a possibility that may not even happen at all;

Photo credits to Google (c) Images.

Contentment- I am not related to complacency in any way in case you were wondering;
I make you appreciate the bright side of a situation be it the upside or the downside;
I keep worry and envy far away from you with my good graces;
I help you keep up the positive attitude whiles pursuing greater heights;

Hope-I know it is hard to keep me in your heart especially in these times;
Sometimes it feels silly and a totally waste of time having me around;
But I help keep your dream alive no matter how many times the termination scare hits you;
I never run out; as long as you live, so do I.

Worry is a thief;
Fear is a liar;
Contentment is an attitude;
And hope is a constant friend.

Which of them do you allow to keep you company in your heart and mind?


Thanks for reading. Have some thoughts? Drop them below and let's chat!

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