What You See In The Mirror

Your perception creates a whole new world for you. 🙂

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?

What is a mirror? Just a reflective glass which shows you what you look like. So one can say the mirror is objective in what it displays. But what we see when we look in the mirror could be totally different from the mirror is trying to communicate to us. It all boils down to perception.

Some people stand in the mirror and see themselves for who they are: simple, flawed but determined to make the best of what is left of their lives. Others only see what others say of them (especially the negatives). Some see who they will be in the near future whiles others see the past and the scars it inflicted on them.
Some see the good of themselves at a time, some the bad and some others the ugly side of life. How can it be when it is the same face staring at the same mirror?

You choose what you want to see when you look at yourself. Life may have scarred you badly but you can tell yourself you look beautiful. I am not referring to denying what you have been through but moving past it and acknowledging the beautiful side of what life has to offer.

Photo credits to Google (c) Images.

Many people advise that we say good and positive things about ourselves when we stare at our images in the mirror. Because you choose what you want to see about yourself. Instead of the open wounds and ugly scars, you can choose to see the future instead where all scars are healed and you have been totally restored. It all starts in the mind. What your mind processes is translated into what you think you see about and around you.

So next time you look at the mirror, don’t ask it who the fairest of them all is. Tell it you are the fairest it has ever seen. If you can’t see yourself as someone with a bright potential, how do you expect someone else to do so?
You are unique. You are alive because the world needs you to. You can help make a difference no matter how small and insignificant it may seem. Don’t let your mirror lie to you. You are beautiful in your own special day.


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  1. Inspiring and thought provoking.


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