Don’t Throw Your Little Rocks Away

Your gold might just be hidden in them!

All that glitters is not gold. Appearances are deceptive. Pretty roses have thorns. Behind a smile could be quiet screams. We are mostly warned of the dark side of beautiful things because we tend to judge a book by its cover. But we are hardly cautioned not to disregard or neglect the ‘ugly’ or ordinary-looking things because they seem worthless. You may never know, you could be holding a jewel in your hands; only wrapped in dirt.

We are all born with gifts but sometimes we fixate on and covet the gifts of others and relegate ours to the background. Unknown to us, they are the things we would parachute us to our destinies faster than the ones we are eyeing. If you were born to do something, you don’t struggle with it. Challenges may come, yes; but when something is meant for you, it has a way of becoming a part of you such that you cannot live without it.

Photo credits to Google(c) Images.

So whatever you have been entrusted with, be it a task or job, ministry, family or whatever which does not meet your expectations, just know that everything takes commitment and effort. The same way you have to wash off the dirt to discover the gold underneath, all you need to do is to dig deeper and work harder to find what you are seeking.

Don’t hate your job because it feels insignificant-it could be your ticket to the office you have been dreaming about. You could even get your name on the door for all you know. If your family is going through a rough patch, take the matter to God in prayer and do your best to put things back in order.

Don’t disregard the little stones/rocks you have in your possession; work hard and rub the dirt off and you will find the treasure you have been waiting for all this while.


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  1. Kim says:

    Words of wisdom..:)


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