A lesson from the game of football

I recently became a big fan of the football (soccer) game. I enjoy watching the players display their skills and the whole art of teamwork on the field. I am always fascinated by the enthusiastic chants by faithful fans and supporters despite the score line. They never give up on cheering their team on till the final whistle. And even when the results are not in their favor, they still applaud their players for their hard work. One great lesson I have learned is that every player is important-no matter how ‘insignificant’ we may esteem him to be.That is why a 10-man team will lose a match no matter how good the ten may be. A team is handicapped when it is incomplete.

But I greatly underestimated the role of the manager (coach). I thought what mattered most was the quality of players and their chemistry on the pitch. Because plans made can always be modified when the game starts. But I was proven wrong when I witnessed the aftermath of Sir Alex Ferguson’s exit as Manchester United manager.

Every avid football fan can testify to the ‘grace-to-grass’ status of the Red Devils. Many people became dismayed as the once ‘feared’ team got beaten over and over again by teams we did not even consider to be match-worthy. What changed, I ask myself? Because it is the same players who play all the time.

I am not saying the new manager is not good enough; I am sure he is worthy of his salt and he is doing everything in his power to raise the team’s flag again. My point simply is when someone on a big stage succeeds, yes he deserves the applause but the crew backstage should also receive their due credit. Every performer has a manager who makes sure that he/she gives the performance to the audience but most of the time, we forget the one pulling the strings backstage and only focus on the one in the limelight.

Photo credits to Google (c) Images.

So whatever you do, appreciate your mentor, supervisor or teacher. Without his or her input, your talent would not be as harnessed as it is today. You may think you don’t need him but you do. Don’t wait till it’s too late before you realize that.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. kofilarbi30 says:

    Thank you! Appreciation is key to personal growth and talent


    1. joseyphina says:

      It certainly is.


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