Love Without Eyes S2 Chapter Twenty Eight


After sharing the cake, Anita put the leftover cake and wrapped it up. Someone tapped her on the shoulder. She turned.
“Hi…I heard a surprise party was being thrown for my friend so I decided to show up.”
“Oh I’m sorry but you missed him. He left for home already.”
“So soon, but it’s his party, right?”
“Yeah but he wanted to spend time alone with his wife so he whisked her away.”
“How romantic. Then I guess you’re stuck with me for the rest of the evening. Can I have some cake, please?”

Ted killed the engine when they arrived at the compound of their matrimonial home.
“I can’t believe we didn’t spend an hour at the party. You have no idea how much I’ve invested into it,” Lucia said.
“I’ll reimburse you,” Ted said and got out of the car. She got out too.
“Yeah, that would be great. I think I need a change of wardrobe for my condition.”
“Done.” They entered the house. Ted entered the kitchen and poured wine into glasses.
“Wine, huh?” Lucia asked, taking the glass offered her. They clinked the glasses.
“Yeah; non-alcoholic,” Ted replied and sipped. Lucia sat down and Ted leaned on the wall.
“So how have you been doing?” Lucia asking, wanting to go first.
“Okay…considering. You?”
“Felt homeless.”
“You were gone for quite a long time,” Ted said.
“You said you needed a break. I just wanted you to have the space you wanted.”
“Yeah; I shouldn’t have said that. All we have is each other and you should be the one person that I should take a break with and not from. I’m sorry for pushing you away.”
“And I’m sorry for the whole panic attack I gave you about the baby probably not being yours…”
“We can put that behind us now,” Ted cut in.
“What do you mean? You’re ready to accept the child despite his paternity?”
“We don’t have to worry about that because the baby is ours…”
“How can you be so sure?” Lucia asked cautiously.
Ted took the envelope from his pocket and held it up.
“Oh, the results are in.”
“Yeah but I haven’t looked at it yet.”
“Why not?”
“Because it doesn’t matter.”
“What is going on here? I don’t understand your attitude.”
“Mitch came to see me.”
“Aha! No wonder the relief in your voice,” Lucia remarked. Ted walked to her.
“I won’t deny that what Mitch had to say put my mind to rest but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t ready to make this work. I saw your package in your room when you left town.”
“What package?”
“The divorce papers.”
“You saw them? You were not supposed to.”
“But I did and I was hurt that you were that quick to arrive at such a decision.”
“I was just preparing myself for the worst. But now that we have the results, we can have a look at it and finally put this matter to rest.”
Lucia watched him walk towards her when she suddenly witnessed him tear the envelope up.
“Why would you do that?”
“Because we don’t need it.”
“Come on, I don’t want this to come back and haunt us.”
“It won’t. This baby is mine and I believe that. I’m sorry for not being there for you when you were in that confused state of mind but I’m here now. And I’m saying we are going to be parents soon. I have already lost enough time being with you and the baby and I don’t want to lose any more. So would you forgive me?” Ted asked as he went on his knees and took Lucia’s hands in his. Lucia smiled.
“I would even if I didn’t want to. How could I when you’re looking at me with those beautiful eyes?” Ted smiled. He pulled her down to him and gave her an affectionate kiss.
“I’d like to hear it anyway,” he said.
“I forgive you. And forgive me for making you doubt me in the first place.”
“Forgiven and forgotten.”
“Gosh, I miss home. And I’m hungry. We should have brought a piece of the cake home.”
“I’m sure Anita will bring it to the office tomorrow,” he said, standing up.
“Sure about that?”
“It is my cake; of course she will.”
“Yeah but you made it obvious you didn’t care about the cake.”
“Why would I when I have you?”
“Aww…isn’t that sweet?” Lucia said girlishly.
“Why don’t you go take a shower and let me put something together for us to eat?”
“You’re not going to join me?”
“As much as I’d like to, I have to prepare my lady something as a welcome home gesture.”
“What if I asked for something else instead?” Lucia asked, walking up to him.
“I’d say go take the shower and come eat something or else I know you’ll start whining about hunger pangs and I’ll begin to regret bringing you home so go.”
Lucia chuckled and kissed his cheek.
“I’ll be right back. Please don’t mess up my kitchen.”
“Will try.” She went upstairs.
She came back downstairs to find Ted setting the table.
“Pasta…of course. Why would I even think of anything else?”
“Hey…don’t underestimate my pasta. It tastes…”
“The same everywhere, honey,” Lucia said, sitting down.
“But mine tastes different because I cooked it…with love.”
“Yeah, smells good. Did you put something in it?”
“I’m not telling you my secret.” He sat. He took Lucia’s hand and said grace.
“Thank you Lord for bringing my wife back home and thank you for this meal. I pray that we have many more love-filled meals like this for the rest of our days, amen.”
“Amen.” They ate amidst hearty chats.
When they settled in bed about an hour later, Lucia said, “I think we should host a family dinner; you know to apologize to our parents for our separation scare.”
“Hmm…sounds like a good idea. We should do that.”
“Maybe you can prepare your love-filled pasta again,” Lucia teased.
“Very funny; it is good to have you back,” he said and kissing her hair.
“It feels good to be back.”


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  1. Hi-

    So, is it ‘Loo-see-ya’ Lucia,
    or Loo-cha, or
    am I not even close? lol

    Good stuff btw


    1. joseyphina says:

      Lol….it’s the first one (for me). You can decide to see it another way. Thanks anyway. Appreciate it. 🙂


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