Your Life-Your Story to Tell

Life like a book has many chapters. Each page is filled with details of your story. Some good, some joyful and memorable; others bad, others messy and downright ugly. But every good story has a dark side, doesn’t it? What is my point?

It’s simple: your life is your story to tell. Some say life as we see it has already been laid out and fated for us to live out. Others say it all depends on you. The choices you make determine how the story ends. Whichever it is, it is your life and you are the only one living it.

It gets to that critical point in everyone’s life which seems pretty dark like a tunnel. You can only see light from a distance and all we want to do is run to where the light is. And we forget how and why we landed in the dark in the first place. Sometimes it a result of some bad choices; other times, it is just life trying to teach us a lesson.

When reading someone’s life in a book, you get the advantage to have a perspective which often eludes the character concerned at some critical times. For the one facing the situation, all that matters is survival. But for the one looking on, it is about seeking and picking up what is needed for the journey ahead. Sometimes we miss them (not all); at other times, we get the hint and move on.

My message is this: there is a reason why you are alive this day. Your life has a purpose. You may not get the full picture yet; all you have are some pieces which don’t seem to add up anyway. But surely all the dots will connect in the end. Some may not see where you are headed and hence do not understand why you do the things you do but don’t give up.

It is normal to hit a rock, to get stuck sometimes but it is at those moments that you get to rethink where you are going and if you’re still on track. It doesn’t matter how many times you have fallen; what does is that you got up each time much stronger and more determined to make it to the end.

Photo credits to Google (c) Images.

It is your life; your story. Make it interesting; make it real; make it your legacy.


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