Challenges of the Contemporary Christian

No Shades of Grey Allowed!
Photo Credit to Google Images.

Every passing day presents new and evolving lifestyles and standards which are often contrary to the Christian way of life. And for the youth especially, having a sense of belonging is a priority such that, we are even prepared to compromise on certain key values so we are not counted as a social outcast statistic.

Most young people are in a dilemma. They know the assured blessings of living a godly life but they also don’t want to miss out on the fun side of life. What is wrong with being the ‘cool’ Christian? Why does it always have to be about church and fellowship meetings, acts of charity and evangelism? What’s so wrong about having a foot at both ends of the game?

My dearest, when it comes to God, there is nothing like ‘anything goes.’ There is no room for compromise. It is either you’re for Him or you’re not. Sitting on the fence actually means you belong to the ‘against’ camp so make up your mind and stick to it. And it is very possible to be a Christian and live a good life. People find it impossible because of what they wish to do on the other side.

Some unbelievers try to make a big fuss of some Christians living the comfortable life because to them, the Christian faith is associated with countless tests and trials. Riches and wealth belong to the world. That is a pitiful misconception. We who are of the Kingdom of heaven are actually the ones who have riches and peace and joy as our portion.

Shades of grey are not allowed-choose which flag you would rather hoist. Let no one make you feel small or insignificant because of your faith. Remind yourself of the eternal life you’ve received and the many blessings God has bestowed on you since you joined His family. Then you’ll realize it is nothing compared to the so-called ‘fun life’ of this world.

Inspired by “No Grey” track by Jonathan McReynolds.


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