Love Without Eyes S2 Chapter Twenty Five


Anita entered the office and looked around.
“She’s still not in? Okay now I’m worried. What’s going on between you?”
“Um…the last time I checked, you were not a marriage counselor.”
“Oh it’s that bad, huh? Do you need one? I know someone who’s…”
“Not interested. Did you get what I asked for?” Ted asked. Anita studied him for a few moments.
“How about we order takeout and watch a movie together?” She raised her hands in innocence when Ted gave her a look and added, “I do not have any ulterior motives; I cross my heart. You look horrible and I just want to help. So are you in?” Ted sighed and leaned on his swivel seat. He shrugged.
“Of course; what could possibly happen, right?” Anita chuckled and walked out.

Mrs. Baker saw Lucia coming down the stairs.
“Good; I was coming to tell you lunch was ready.” She noticed her carrying a small suitcase.
“Are you going somewhere?”
“Yeah; I’m going out of town for some days.”
“For business?”
“In case you haven’t realized, my husband has banned me from the office because apparently, the sight of me is disgusting,” Lucia replied, placing the bag down with a sigh.
“Where are you going, Monique?”
“I’m going to see Mitch to clear this thing all up.”
“I thought you took a paternity test. Won’t the results clear everything up?”
“It would only verify whose child it is but it doesn’t clarify if something did happen between Mitch and me or not and I need to find out.”
“Can’t you find that out by phone or e-mail?”
“Come on, this conversation must be in person to see his reaction to my questions. Don’t worry; I won’t be long.”
“The weight of the bag says otherwise.”
“You know I like to go out prepared. I’ll be back soon,” She said and hugged her mother.
“Be careful; don’t do anything that will put your marriage in more jeopardy than it already is,” her mother advised.
“Yes mum.”

The movie Ted and Anita were watching ended and the credits started rolling down. Ted closed his eyes for a moment.
“Are you okay?” Anita asked. Ted opened his eyes to look at her, surprised at her tone.
“You sound like you’re concerned.”
“I am; I always have been, I always will be. You look like a baby whose candy has just been taken away from him.” She touched his face.
“You miss her, don’t you?”
“You have no idea.”
“So why don’t you call her back?”
“It is complicated.”
“No it’s not; you make it complicated. If you really do love her, go for her. Whatever she might have done, it is all in the past now. She loves you and she’ll do everything in her power to make things right with you. Don’t you want her back?”
“I’m surprised; it seems you are on team Lucia today.”
“No; I’m on your team and if she’s the one who makes you happy then I’m okay with it.”
“I can’t believe I’m hearing this.” Anita chuckled.
“I can’t believe it myself but I guess I’ve moved on. We were a great couple socially but we never had what you and Monique have. I wanted to get married to you for all the wrong reasons which was unfair to you. Monique coming into the picture saved us both of one long miserable life.”
“You’re right and now I don’t know where we stand.”
“Just go for your woman. Give her a big hug and a good kiss and bring her home. Sleep on her bosom and when the morning comes, have a good talk. Life shouldn’t be that complicated,” Anita said. Ted nodded.
“Thank you; you’re a good friend,” Ted said gratefully and hugged her.
“Now hurry up before the gates are locked for the night.”
“Who are you and what have you done with Anita Morgan? You’ve done a good job. Keep it up,” Ted said. Anita smiled. Ted kissed her forehead and left her apartment.

“I need to talk to her,” Ted said when Mrs. Baker opened the door. Before she could respond, Ted had entered the house and started calling out her name.
“What is going on, young Bourbon?”
“I need to see my wife.”
“But…” She stopped herself when she saw him racing upstairs. Ted opened the door and walked into the empty room. He looked around, walking towards the dressing table. There was a brown envelope on it. He took it and opened it. He gasped.
Mrs. Baker watched him as he came downstairs.
“Where is she?”
“Gone where?”
“I don’t know where.”
“You always know where your daughter is.”
“Are you calling me a liar, young Bourbon?”
“And what is this?” Ted asked, raising the envelope.
“I have no idea. Should I have?”
“When I said I needed a break, what I meant was I need time to think not to file for divorce!” Ted said angrily.
“Please don’t pretend you didn’t know about this.”
“I don’t think what Lucia is looking for is divorce.”
“Then why would she have this in her room?”
“Just in case you wanted it.”
“Just in case? Seriously?”
“Seriously. First of all, you kicked her out of the house…”
“I didn’t; she moved out.”
“And ever since she moved in, you have never once come here to take her back. From where I stand, it seems you enjoy it that way. Are you seeing Anita again?”
“What? Why would you even think that?”
“Because I can smell a woman’s perfume on you and that is certainly not my daughter’s so who else would it be?” Mrs. Baker asked sternly.
“Well since it is obvious your daughter has disappeared into thin air yet again and it’s only you who can contact her, tell her to get her ass back here so we can talk. And divorce is off the table,” Ted said, dropping the envelope hard on the floor and walked out.
“These two people are going to kill me before my time,” Mrs. Baker fumed in exhaustion.

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  1. Gyslaine L. says:

    Good writing Joseyphina 🙂


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      Thanks, Gys. Enjoy your day.


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