Love Without Eyes S2 Chapter Nineteen


Ted, Mitch and Lucia sat together at the conference table going over the agreement reached between Lucia and Mr. Wilson.

“I wish to amend clause 4.1.2 if it is okay with you,” Ted proposed.

“But your wife was okay with it…”

“It’s okay, Mr. Tudor. My husband understands the intricacies of this business more than I do. Whatever he wants changed, it’s fine with me,” Lucia said.

“Okay fine.” Mitch stole a glance at Lucia but she avoided the glance.

“Great! It was a pleasure doing business with you, Mitch,” Ted said, shaking hands with him.

“The pleasure is all mine, Ted.” Mitch extended his hand to Lucia. Lucia took a moment to stare at his hand before taking it. Ted’s phone rang.

“Father…sure, I have it in my drawer. Let me take a look at it. Excuse me, guys,” he said and walked out. Lucia got up to leave. Mitch stopped her by the arm. Lucia looked at her arm and then at him.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“I think we need to talk, Monique.”

“Let go of me!”  She got herself out of his grip. “And we have nothing to talk about.”

“Oh but I know we do. You’ve been giving me attitude ever since I arrived. And I think I know why. I know your type.”

“Oh you do? And what type am I?”

“The kind who feigns hostility to disguise their real feelings.”

“And what feelings might that be?”

“Desire…passion…love?” Lucia scoffed.

“You must have been a lover of romantic fantasies. I feel nothing for you, Mitch. I’m sorry if I led you on back then but that wasn’t my intention. As you can see, I’m happily married to your friend.”

“Happily married is overrated, Monique and you know it. We did have a connection and we did share some intimate moments. Do you really not remember any of that?”

“I am sorry you feel that way. I was frustrated and worn out and obviously drunk so I might have said some things but I’m better now. We are good now.”

“What about what happened between us?” Mitch asked, holding her arm again.

“What do you mean?” Lucia asked, her heart pounding, afraid of his answer.

Anita walked in and froze when she saw the scene. Mitch let go of Lucia.

“Anything I can do for you, Anita?” Lucia asked.

“Ted asked me to update him on something…is everything all right here?”

“Yes it is. Ted is in his office. You’ll find him there.”

“Okay, thanks.” Anita took a moment to size Mitch up and then walked out.

“Anita? Is she the Anita you talked to me about?”

“I told you about Anita? I must have been really drunk. But anyway, whatever I said then doesn’t matter now. It must have been the wine.”

“It is said that drunk people always speak the truth.”

“But I don’t think I said I loved you, did I? So stop tormenting yourself and drop this nonsense.” Lucia started to walk out.

“You’re pregnant.” Lucia froze in her tracks. He walked towards her.

“You think everything is all right between you two but…”

“When will you be leaving?” Lucia asked, turning around to face him.

“What? You want me to leave?”

“Isn’t your job done here? We are almost through with the contract review. And I want you on a plane even before we get to the last page,” Lucia said and walked out. Mitch sighed.


Lucia giggled as Ted kissed her tummy.

“I can’t wait for your tummy to get bigger so I can feel the baby kicking.”

“And I am not really looking forward to the tummy getting bigger part.” She ran her fingers through his hair. He kissed her tummy again.

“It tickles,” Lucia giggled. He kissed her neck.

“When is your friend going back home?”

“Mitch? I don’t know…right after we are done with the review, I’m sure. He doesn’t have anything to do with this place.”

“Huh. And when will it be over, the review I mean?”

“The next two to three days. But he might stay a little longer for us to reacquaint ourselves.” He tried kissing her but she backed away.

“Why, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing…I’m not in the mood tonight. I have some things on my mind.”

“Is something bothering you?”

“Kind of but I’ll be fine. But not tonight; rain check, please?” He nodded.

“Of course. But if there’s anything bothering you, please don’t hesitate to tell me. I don’t like to see you distracted.”

“Sure, my love.” They lay down and Ted wrapped his arms around her.

“Goodnight,” Ted said, kissing her neck.



“So Monique and that friend of yours seem to be close,” Anita pointed out.

“Who, Mitch? That’s understandable. They worked hand in hand when Lucia went over to their company. And now she knows he’s my old time friend. Of course they are bound to bond.”

“Uh huh, close enough for him to invade her personal space?” Ted looked up at her.

“What are you insinuating, Anita?”

“You know I am your friend, right? Despite our past, you still consider me your friend, don’t you Ted?”

“Just tell me what’s going on in your head. You were talking about invasion of personal space?”

“Yeah, something like touching?”

“You saw him touching my wife?”

“Her arm not her face, Ted. I might be wrong but it kind of looked intimate. Are you sure there isn’t another player in the game? You know I like to be the only third person in your relationship. I don’t like to share my position,” Anita said with a wink. Ted shook his head.

“Get out of here before you start messing with my head, Anita. Your company stings more than a bee.” She laughed as she got up.

“But you love it, don’t you? I’ll start working on these files immediately.” She walked out of his office. Mitch walked in.

“That’s one hot lady you have here in the office, TB. Are you sure she’s here just for her professional competence?”

“Shut up, Mitch. My relationship with her is none of your business.”

“Aha! I knew we were friends for a reason. We’re alike.”

“I am nothing like you, Mitch.” Mitch sat down.

“If you say so. So you don’t mind I reach for her short skirt?” He asked jokingly.

“You can take it off if you want but that’s how far you go as far as this office is concerned.”

“What are you talking about?”

“My wife?”

“Monique? She told you I’m harassing her?”

“Are you?”

“Of course not! I respect you both too much to even think of that.”

“For old times’ sake, I hope so, Mitch. Just don’t extend your charming demeanors towards my wife.”

“I hear you. You don’t see me as a threat, do you Ted?”

“No and the second I do, you’ll be out of here,” Ted warned.

“Duly noted,” Mitch said with a nod and smile.


Mitch and Anita were chatting and Anita was giggling like a teen. Lucia walked past them into the office.

“What do you say to dinner today after work?” Mitch asked.

“Fine by me.”

“Great. I’ll see you then.” He walked into the office. Lucia looked up.

“I can see you’re bonding with the hottest lady in the building,” Lucia said.

“I am the bonding type. You don’t mind, do you?”

“Mind? I’m glad and I’d be in your debt if you could succeed in making her fall in love with you.”

“In other words out of love with your husband. But I saw the look in your eyes when you saw us together. You’re jealous.” Lucia’s eyes widened.

“You do have a very dysfunctional imagination, Mitch and that bothers me. Why on earth would I be jealous of you when I have a perfect husband with whom I fall in love every single day?” Lucia asked.

“Because I made you feel something you have missed for a long time. I know we have something so I’m going to stay to prove it. But if you prove me wrong, then I will leave because after all, I have nothing to live for here.”

“What about Anita?”

“If she proves to be worthy, I might take her with me. For your own good and sanity, you wouldn’t want me to stay here with her, would you?” Mitch said and walked out. Lucia sighed.

“He must get out of here!” Lucia picked up her phone and called Mr. Wilson.

“It’s me, Monique Bourbon. I was wondering, don’t you have need of Mr. Tudor? We are almost done here but I’m sure you can ask him to return if you really have need of him. We don’t want to keep him here when you really need his services,” Lucia said.

“Sure of course. I have a couple of things in wait of him but if he’s virtually free, I’ll call him up.”

“Thanks, Mr. Wilson. Enjoy the rest of your day. Bye, Mr. Wilson.” Lucia hung up and sighed in relief.


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