With God, There’s No Such Thing as Hangover


It surprises me that the world finds pleasurable the things which have the most devastating side effects.  People risk their health just to feel high for a brief moment and then suffer the consequences after the effect has waned. Others consume booze as if it is the new substitute for water for whatever sensation it may give them but every heavy drinker would admit that the hangover the next day is a nasty feeling.

So why do people keep on drugging and drinking themselves to death? Is it probably because the pleasure derive from the substances outweigh the aftereffects and so consider it a bearable price to pay? Or perhaps they are not strong willed enough to fight the temptation?

It has been said that it is always better to do/consume things in moderation and everything under or overdone has sure consequences. But I can testify of having so much of something with absolute no aftereffects or hangovers whatsoever. It is knowing God and placing your complete trust and faith in His Son Jesus Christ.

Photo credits to Google Images.

You can never have enough of God’s love and it is only His love that can intoxicate you and never leave you so there are no withdrawal syndromes. Booze hangovers only leave faint and often inaccurate memories of what happened at a time but with God’s love, every day is another chance to create another happy memory of what God has done and is doing in your life. And each memory is a happy and cherished one.

Instead of taking drugs and booze as a lame attempt to forget your troubles, why not invite God’s love into your heart today? Let His love flood your heart and although not all days will be easy, you can be assured that His peace will be with you always and not leave you with a nasty and painful hangover.


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  1. blmaluso says:

    Nothing of this world can fill your heart, soul and whole being like the Holy Spirit does. Once you experience this love and joy, life is never the same, and you look at the so called”pleasures” of the world in a different light. Love and relationships in the Lord are real…all else is a shallow imitation:-)

    Love and blessings! Bernadette


    1. joseyphina says:

      Very well said, Bernadette. God bless you and thanks for passing by. 🙂


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