Love Without Eyes S2 Chapter Seventeen


Lucia went over to her parents’ house to spend time with her mother. She helped her mother out with lunch in the kitchen. Mrs. Baker watched as her daughter brushed the back of her hand across her forehead.

“Are you okay, honey?”

“Yes mother; it’s the vegetables. The onions are getting to me, that’s all,” she said, sniffing.

“No, you look tired. Do you feel sick, dear?” She asked as she walked to her and felt her forehead with her palm.

“You have a slight temperature. Are you stressed out?”

“Yeah a little; work and managing the home isn’t as easy as you made it seem, mum. You deceived me.”

Mrs. Baker laughed and urged her to sit down. She got her a glass of water which she drank gratefully.

“Are you expecting?”

“Me? No. Why would you even think that? We haven’t been married for long, mother.”

“And who says you have to be to get married? Some people conceive on their wedding night.”

“I sincerely doubt that.”

“Google it. But I’m serious, you should check it out. I think I might have some pregnancy test kits in the bathroom.” Lucia chuckled in disbelief.

“You, why would you still be having some of those? Were you planning on conceiving again?”

“Well, some years back, I felt a little bored so I thought about it but your father was busily traveling around and we never found the time.”

“Aww…I’m sorry to hear that, mum. I would have loved to have a younger sibling and watch you make his or her life a living hell just like you made mine,” Lucia said with a smile, brushing her palm across her back in a consoling manner.

“And that is why you should get pregnant as soon as possible before history repeats itself. I need at least three grandchildren.”

“Three, huh? That is a lot to ask from me, mum. Combining work with…”

“You can always work from home like I do.”

“You’re a stay-at-home mum; you only work when you feel like it.”

“And that can be your life too, honey. You wouldn’t have to worry about money; you know you’ll never have problems with it.”

“You’d never know.”

“Come on…just talk to Ted about it.”

“Yes mum.”

“Now go upstairs and take the test.”

“Seriously mother? I can do that at home.”

“This is your home too, honey. Go on!” Lucia conceded with a smile. She went upstairs to her parents’ room and entered the bathroom. She found the kit and took it out.

“Please don’t be pregnant,” she pleaded with herself.

After waiting a few minutes, she took the stick and gasped.

“Oh no.”

She came back downstairs.

“Well?” her mother asked her.

“I think it’s broken. I’ll go get myself one and…” she quickly added when her mother was poised to interject, “I’ll let you know the results.”



Lucia was in deep thought as she drove home. Of course she wanted to have a baby. But not now when that night with Mitch was all hazy that she was unsure what exactly happened. She would have been more at ease if she knew the coast was clear; like three months away from now. Then she could be absolutely sure. What should she do?

When she arrived home, Ted was already there. She greeted him with a kiss and headed to kitchen for a glass of water. She suddenly felt oddly uncomfortable. She went to the bathroom. She realized she was bleeding. She did not know to feel about it; she was sad that she just might have lost the baby before Ted even knew about it but she was also happy that the least chance that it could be Mitch’s has been flushed out. Ted knocked on the door.

“Hey honey, are you okay in there?”


“Yeah, I’ll be right out.” She opened the door to find Ted leaning on the wall with crossed arms.

“Is anything the matter?” She asked.

“No; I was just wondering what was up with you considering how you rushed up here.”

“Oh it’s nothing. It’s just a small bleed.”

“You’re bleeding? Ouch.”

“Why ouch?”

“I noticed you were late this month so I was hoping that…” He said, pulling her towards him, “we were pregnant.” Lucia smiled.

“You want us to?” He nodded.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Well, I know how much our company means to you and how you want to do everything you can to see it grow and asking this of you might sound a bit selfish.”

“Don’t be silly, Ted; of course not. I’d love to have a baby. Since you were checking up on my cycle, I might as well go see the doctor tomorrow. Who knows, right?” He smiled excitedly.

“You’ll do that?” She nodded.

“Thank you.” He kissed her forehead.

“But let’s not raise our hopes up, okay? If there’s no baby, we can always try again.”

“Sure. I can’t wait for us to be a family.” He kissed her.


Lucia opened her eyes when the door opened. She sat up.

“So I’ve good news for you, Mrs. Bourbon. You are pregnant. The bleeding sometimes happens and it’s normal so there’s no need to worry much about it.”

“Okay. How long is it?”

“Just three weeks.”

“Huh. Thanks, doctor.” She bit her lower lip.


“Where did you say Monique had gone to again?” Mrs. Bourbon asked her son.

“Um…just checking up on a few things. She’ll be here soon,” Ted replied, checking his watch. A few minutes later, the doorbell rang and Ted opened the door.

“Hi. Am I late?” Lucia asked, coming inside. She kissed his cheek.

“No, they are setting the table. So, what did the doctor say?”

“Is that why you were standing watch by the door awaiting my arrival?” Lucia asked with a laugh.

“Uh huh; I’ve been anxious the whole day. Come on.” Lucia smiled.

“Congratulations Ted Bourbon, you succeeded in knocking me up.” He gasped and hugged her. He lifted her off the ground. She giggled. He put her down.

“Okay, what about the bleed?”

“The doctor says it’s normal. It will stop any time soon.”

“Okay; I am so happy to hear this news, Lucia. You have no idea.”

“I know; I feel the same way.”

“She’s here now, mum,” Ted announced.

“Good; come to the table, everyone. Dinner is ready.”

The whole family sat down and held hands as Mr. Baker said grace.

“I want to make a toast,” Mrs. Bourbon said, raising her glass. They all raised theirs.

“I want to toast to the love, unity and prosperity of our one big family.”

“You can’t take that,” Ted said to Lucia, stopping her when she had brought the glass to her lips.

“Come on, it’s just for tonight,” Lucia said.

“What’s going on?” The couple exchanged a glance. He held her hand.

“We have some news to share with you all,” Ted announced. They all put their glasses down and looked at him in anticipation.

“Well, we are pregnant!” The mothers gasped.

“Congratulations, son!” Mr. Bourbon said.

“This is really good news,” Mr. Baker said.

“So I was right,” Lucia’s mother said. Lucia smiled.

“I think you were.”

“This calls for a toast. Could you let her take just a little sip for the moment?” Mrs. Bourbon asked her son. Lucia glanced at him with pleading eyes. He smiled.

“Sure; just a sip.”

“And now to the heir or heiress of our joint empire.” They clinked their glasses and sipped. They had a hearty time at dinner that night.

Lucia and Ted arrived home exhausted.

“I must say, our parents seem more energetic than we do,” Lucia remarked as she threw herself on the bed.

“I guess our good news inspired that energy. They are going to be grandparents. It is every parent’s dream.” He took off her shoes and hovered over her. She held his tie.

“You’re going to be the best mother for our son, Lucia; I know it.”

“A son, huh? How do you know?”

“It just came out naturally. I’d love to have a daughter too; a toddler version of you running around the house, causing trouble.” She giggled. They kissed.


The office phone rang. Ted answered it.

“Okay, let him in.” He put the phone down. The door opened. Ted raised his head.

“Mr. Bourbon?” Ted stood up.


“Ted? Oh my goodness, I had no idea it was you.”

“Wow! How long has it been, five years?” Ted walked to him and they hugged it out.

“Yeah, kind of. Mr. Wilson sent me here. Wow, we have a lot to catch up on.”

“I totally agree. You should meet my wife.”

“Where is she?” Mitch asked.

“She’s running some errands for her father. She does that from time to time. You’d be the first friend to be introduced to her so far.”

“I see; I used to be your best friend, remember?”

“Uh huh, until you snatched my crush away from me.” Mitch laughed.

“Yeah, that was fun.”

“Anyway, I’d love to invite you to dinner at my place tonight.”

“It would be my pleasure, Ted. So tell me, what have you been up to?”

Lucia arrived home early to prepare dinner after Ted called her, telling her about bringing an old time friend over. This would be the first time; he rarely talked about his friends. She even thought the only friend he had was Anita. It would be nice to meet one of his buddies.

“Honey, we are here!” Ted announced when they entered the house.

“A minute, sweetie.”

“You have a lovely home, TB.”

“Thanks, Mitch. Please make yourself comfortable.” Lucia walked in.

“Hi sweetie…” Her voice got caught in her throat when her eyes fell on Mitch Tudor. She froze in her tracks. Ted walked to her and kissed her cheek.

“Hi darling; this is the friend I was telling you about. He is…”

“Mitch Tudor, we worked together when I went over to Mr. Wilson’s company,” Lucia said, her gaze still locked on Mitch.

“Oh you did; I hope you didn’t try anything funny Mitch because I won’t be forgiving this time,” Ted said jokingly.

“You were never the forgiving type, TB. Nice to meet you again, Monique,” Mitch said, shaking hands with her.

“Likewise. So exactly how close were you two?” Lucia inquired.

“We were best of friends actually,” Mitch replied.

“Then how come you didn’t invite him to our wedding, Ted?”

“We kind of had some falling out. He stole my then girlfriend from me,” Ted said.

“Just to correct his statement, she wasn’t his girlfriend. He just had a crush on her. It was…silly and I apologize. I shouldn’t have taken our friendship for granted like that,” Mitch said.

“But I’m telling you now: stay away from my wife, Mitch or else I’ll kill you.”

“And I believe you.”

“You didn’t make any advances towards my wife, did you Mitch?”

“If I said I didn’t, I’d be lying. You know I lose control around beautiful women,” he replied with a wink at Lucia. Lucia looked away. Ted wrapped his arm around his wife.

“And we are pregnant. How awesome is that?” He said proudly and kissed Lucia’s cheek.

“Already? That was fast,” Mitch remarked, sending a curious glance at Lucia. She flinched.

“Let me attend to the kitchen. I’ll announce it when dinner is ready.”

“Sure, honey.” Lucia excused herself. The men sat down to chat. Lucia exhaled deeply when she got to the kitchen. She didn’t even realize she was holding her breath the entire time. How small could the world be that the guy she ran away from come re-enter her life with full access? And the look he gave her when Ted announced her pregnancy had brought chills down her spine. Did it confirm what she feared? She was in deep trouble.


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