My Journey So Far…


Started life crawling before taking the first step;

Then took to walking when I had mustered the skill;

Accelerated to running when I knew I could do better;

And how fun it was to find myself on top of the world;



Now I find myself at the crossroads;

Not too sure which turn to take;

Each path promising something I’ve always desired;

But I cannot have both; one would have to be let go and I’m not sure which one.



So as I wait for directions, I choose to take a minute and look back;

And recount how far I have come;

Instead of wasting my time ripping myself of the joy of how far I’ve come;

I choose to be content and grateful for life’s little blessings.


Photo credits to Google Images.

From the moment I took my first step;

I knew I was destined for greatness;

The road may be bumpy and the journey longer than expected;

But I do know I will get to my destination right on time with God by my side.


This is for anyone who was struggled in life only to reach a crossroad;

Do not give up because you feel stuck;

Look back and remember how far you have come;

And know that your journey is certainly not over.


Thanks for reading; would love to read your thoughts!

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