Not Too Late To Turn Around


Life teaches a lot of lessons. Some are learnt the hard way, others not so much. People live by different principles-they work for some, not all. Some say follow your heart and it will never lead you astray; listen to your gut and you’ll never go wrong. Well, been there, done that. It is good to follow your heart when you know your heart is at a good place. How would you even know if it is?

We are likely to be swayed by the various life principles people attest to as key in becoming successful. They are helpful to an extent because they inspire us to give out our best to become the very best version of ourselves. But these percepts are incomplete without the God factor. They may be tested and tried by many seemingly successful people but only God supplies wholesome success-no minuses.

There are countless books about how to have a successful marriage, business, examination and others but the Bible has the full answers to all the questions raised in the various spheres of our lives. It is good to believe in yourself because if you don’t, no one else will do it for you. But in believing in yourself, do not think it all depends on you-there is a limit to what you and I can do as human beings and it gets to that stage where you would have to hand over to someone else. If you place your hopes in the hands of another man, he may take you somewhere but definitely not to your destination and usually at a price. But if you place your hopes in the hands of God, you can be assured of where you are going and when you will get there (His timing is beyond perfect).

You may have spent the greater part of your life trying to steer the wheels of your life all by yourself and you may have faced some challenges. It is not too late to turn around and hand over the keys to the One who knows you best and so can bring out the very best in you. Trust Him and He will make your soul satisfied.


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