What Are You Conscious Of?


We live in a world overwhelmed with economic crisis, moral degeneration and negligence of social responsibilities. We wake up each day to confront life’s various challenges to the extent that surviving the odds become our main concern. We only drown ourselves with worry about the problems surrounding us that we forget that we have a God who has the all the answers to our questions and the solutions to our problems.

We have been wired to think and react in certain ways to specific situations. The second we experience a headache or body pain, the first thing that comes to mind is to take medication or go see a doctor. We only turn to God when the doctor declares the sickness as terminal when it is Him we should talk to first instead of last. We blame governments for the economic depression and look on in apathy when we have a Provider who can take care of all our needs far more than we can imagine.


We are tempted to have a gloomy outlook toward the world with all the issues threatening our peace of mind. We as children of God are the light of the world and the salt of the earth. When people are complaining about how life is, we should be the ones reminding and encouraging people about the abundance of God’s grace. We as ambassadors of God should be God-conscious and not world-conscious. We are in this world but we are not of it so why concern ourselves with the issues of this world when we should strive to live like the heavenly beings as we are.

Photo credits to Google Images.

When the world tries to convince us that we are weak, we should remind ourselves that we are strong in Christ Jesus. When the doctor declares us sick, we should counteract it with us being the temple of God which cannot be tainted with any sickness. When the world describes us poor, let’s know that we are rich according to the grace and mercies of our God. What are you conscious of?


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