Trusting God Has No Downside


Like a coin, everything has two sides. Every drug has its side effects. Anyone good has a dark side too. That’s what makes life uncertain and unpredictable because you never know when the dark side of life would strike. And that’s what makes relying on man so risky. He might smile with you and shake your hand but as soon as you turn away, he could stab you in the back with no remorse.

The only sure thing you can do on this earth which has no downside is trusting God. The world offers various ways to be successful but down the road, the fame and success achieved leads to scandals, bankruptcy, crisis and even jail time. But when God blesses, it is all-round and He adds no sorrow to it. The doctor may only treat a disease but only God truly cures us from all ailments. Your best friend could forgive you when you offend him but he would never forget and later remind and keep reminding you of what you did to hurt him. But when God forgives us of our misdeeds, He blots it out of memory altogether. The history is cleared and the page is refreshed.


People only offer help when they know they would receive something in return but God gives us gifts wholeheartedly. Earthly rules are made to benefit a few and keep the majority in oppression but God’s commandments enable us to live a full life with peace and prosperity. Security systems can be breached but God watches over His own like a hawk and no one can harm them.

Why put your faith in a world which is so unsure of itself and only holds selfish interests? Why trust someone who would turn his back on you when you need him the most? Why place your hope on your drug which would never take your pain but only puts it in hibernation when God can make it totally disappear? Science may fail; doctors can take out tumors but they sometimes grow back. But when God says it is over, it surely is.


God does not fail like man does. Placing your hope in him has no side effects. His blessings do not come with consequences or any attached strings unlike the favors of man. Why not trust Him instead?





2 Comments Add yours

  1. SouthernGal says:

    I loved this. You right about life having a dark side. Things happen that tests us as human beings.


    1. joseyphina says:

      …which we sometimes fail at but God never does. Thanks for passing by. 🙂


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