Dear Hollywood


The world of entertainment has more power than we give it credit for. Its various mediums influence people from all walks of life to consider certain standards as the norm of life and imprint on their minds what they should believe and how they should see life. It has its good side of exposing people to new and evolving information in an informal and exciting manner.

It is an undisputable fact Hollywood is the face of media entertainment in the world and as such they have much power and influence at its disposal. Teens of today rush for magazines to find out what’s trending so they can keep up.  Celebrities are seen as role models whether their lives are worth emulating or not. People support causes these celebrities endorse and they consider physical encounters with them as a memorable milestone.

Making appearances, smiling for the camera...

With all the power it has, what do the stakeholders do with it? The whole industry is like a game of chess. Public figures are played like pawns for someone’s bit.  Their private lives become the world’s entertainment often to the detriment of their sanity and family security. They are pushed to the wall and they break down, quit their marriages, turn to drugs and alcohol and then end up in rehab. They come out half-baked and before they can re-adjust back into normal life, they are thrown back in front of the cameras and splashed across all magazines and tabloids. We sometimes forget the victims of Hollywood are just like you and I, who crave a little lone time, some privacy to enjoy some peace and quiet from time to time.

With everybody watching, there’s a lot Hollywood can do to change the world.  Its platforms can encourage young people from all over the world to take education seriously and to abstain from drugs and other illicit activities. Instead of luring naïve young talents onto the big stages and pushing them so hard that they mess up, stakeholders should make it a priority to preserve these up and coming talents so they do not end up like their unfortunate predecessors. They have a lot to offer the world but the downside of fame gets to them before they can deliver their all.

Photo credits to Google Images.

If only Hollywood would realize how much damage it had caused to the people they raised more than the good they have done them, serious measures would be taken. It takes the media to create, recreate and disseminate information but it also takes the media to tear down all what families, religious organizations and governments are trying so hard to build and maintain. Caution must be taken.

Inspired by “Dear Hollywood” track by Anthem Lights.


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