Beauty of Football

One ball, one team, one world.

Flags waved around, joyous chants everywhere;
Personal differences abandoned, patriotism is all that is required;
Where club teammates become opponents on the world stage;
Where they tackle each other with no hard feelings;

Race, color and nationality are the last things on anyone’s mind;
All that matters is the best of abilities are delivered;
Everyone’s skills and talents are tested and tried;
And the best always wins.

Stunningly beautiful.

The place where one can shout all he wants;
For as long as he wants as long as he has the breath;
The stands are where vocal loyalty is demonstrated;
To urge the players on till the last whistle is blown;

Where nations meet…

Troubling national issues are put on hold for the love of football;
People talk, eat, sleep and dream football;
Like a religion, allegiances are sworn and hardly broken;
Where it is talked about with passion and pride;

Photo credits to Google Images.

We are in another season of heated football;
So pick up your national flag and hold it high;
Be proud of who you stand for; for better or worse;
Because after all, we are all one people.


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