The Boy Species: The “Mummy’s Boy”

The mummy’s boy is the cool guy. He is the lady’s man; thanks to his close relationship with his mother, he understands women and respects them. He is the preferred ladies’ best friend because he understands their perspective and appreciates their sentiments. Wherever he goes, people turn their heads to take another look because he dresses well. He is the most talked about because well, his mama raised him well.

But the mummy’s boy can be a handful too. All prospective girlfriends have to match up to his mother. Why, because she is the best and almost perfect woman he knows. So it is either the girl is almost like or even a little better than his mother or she finds someone else she can be with. And his mother’s approval is very important to him. His heart and feelings synchronize with it. If you fail to win points with the mama, it is most likely you are going to lose the game.

Cute and sweet, isn’t it?
Photo credits to Google Images.

People think mummy’s boys are indecisive and immature but they are not. They know what to look for in a woman because they see those virtues in their mothers which unfortunately are becoming hard to find in our time. They look irresistible because their mothers brought them up well and they desire to be with the type who would take care of them just like their sweet mama did.

Looks may appeal to him but a beautiful heart is what will make a mummy’s boy stay. He wants to look into a lady’s eyes and see the mother in her youthful days.


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  1. moniquefille says:

    But sometimes they act like girls🙈😸

    Liked by 1 person

    1. joseyphina says:

      Haha… They do, huh? 😂


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