Common Ground No Longer Enough?

Photo credits to Google Images.

It is said and believed that when
people of one mind decide to do something, more often than not, they succeed.  The UN has survived all these years because all member states have a common vision and goals and they all work together to make sure their vision becomes a reality. So if a large group like the UN can stand together despite their varying political, ideological and religious views, how is it that we Christians cannot dwell and work together to fulfil our purpose on earth?

It is no surprise that people of the world do not take us serious sometimes; we sometimes seem like a religious joke. We claim to be serving the God who created the world and sent His Son to die for us but what do they see?  Factions everywhere, conflicting doctrines, wearing hypocrisy like heavy make-up and backbiting one another like politicians. Aren’t we fighting for the same cause? Or Christ being the Head isn’t enough to hold us together anymore?

Like a stage play, not everyone can play the lead role. Every cast and crew member is important. From the errand boy to the stage director, everyone’s part must be well done if one expects an excellent production at the end of the show. So why can’t we see ourselves as team members and not as contestants?

If a group has a unified front, it becomes strong.  Everyone takes them serious because it is obvious that they mean business. Instead of fighting ourselves over who deserves what title or position, let’s come together and fight the powers of darkness haunting the world and rescue the many people on their way to eternal doom. Unity after all, is strength.






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  1. Kim says:

    Serious truth.


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