Exceptional or Ordinary?


Whether sharing a room with someone or an office space, conflicts are bound to arise. But it begins to feel worrisome when you seem to encounter them everywhere you go. It could mean bad news if you are the cause. But if it is not, then do not try to accommodate it.

A friend once said, if you go to a new place or territory and you don’t encounter resistance, it means you’re making no impact. I think it is very true. Most people were born ordinary and all they know is to live ordinary lives. So when they come into contact with someone who does not see life as ordinary as they do, then it becomes a problem.

You are no ordinary person; you were born to be exceptional. What a man thinks, so is he. Don’t let people’s opinion of you define you. What they think of you is their problem and none of your business. So do not think there’s something wrong with you because people can’t seem to stand you wherever you go. It is because they sense you’re different and you are headed somewhere and there’s nothing they can do to stop you. They wish they could be like you but their ordinary mentality would not let them.

Exceptional people don’t back down when they encounter a setback. Instead of retreating because of a stumbling block, they choose to see it as a stepping stone to greatness. Exceptional people do not dwell among ordinary people where they would feel like the smartest persons among fools but they choose to surround themselves with equally or preferably much more extraordinary people. This keeps them on their toes each time and constantly challenges them to strive harder towards their dreams.

Photo credits to Google Images.

So do not try to get along an ordinary person. It can never happen; one has to change the other. It is either you influence him/her to be exceptional-minded like you or you compromise and end up as ordinary as him/her. Know who you are and remind yourself where you are from and how far you have come and keep going.

Because you’re exceptional; the hearsay myths do not apply to you. People may be failing-except you.

You are you; you are different. You are exceptional. Believe it and live it.


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  1. Wonderful message Phina, have a lovely weekend!


    1. joseyphina says:

      Thanks, Wendell. Enjoy your weekend too. 🙂


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