In Need of Lenses, Perhaps?


Sight influences perspective. We determine how important things are by the way we perceive them. The President of your country surely may be a parent but you do not necessarily see him the same way you see your father. Why is that? Because the President seems far away from your world and you only perceive him as an authority figure but your father is always around or perhaps a phone call away. So, you define your father by the emotional attachment you have with him.

The same can be said of God. People define and describe Him in varying ways because of how they perceive Him. Some perceive God to be this awesome Being far away in the Heavens ruling the world in His majesty. Others also see Him to be the loving Father who looks after us and responds whenever we call upon Him. Both perspectives are true but we would be missing out on half of the holistic experience of knowing Him if we have either near or far view of Him and not both.

So the same way we find corrective lenses whenever we have a visual disparity, it is about time we adjusted our God-lenses. If you have only have a short-sighted view of God, it is necessary to get your vision balanced so you do not ignore the fact that although He is your Best Friend and Father, He is also the majestic King and Creator of the universe. This is crucial because we are sometimes tempted to ignore the greatness of our God and see Him as a mere sidekick whom we call on whenever we are lonely and in need of something.

And if you have the long-sighted view of God as being fearful and just who rewards people according to their deeds, you should re-adjust your view because although He is all that, He is also the most dependable and closest friend you can ever have. This is also significant because some people believe He is so far away and preoccupied with bigger issues that He cannot have time for our little daily problems. But that is not true.

Photo credits to Google Images.

So why not take some time and get your vision checked out? If you are missing a view, then you should reposition your perspective. And if you are seeing everything clearly both far and near-(the Almighty God in all His splendor and glory coming down to earth as man to die for us so we can regain our place with Him in heaven), then rejoice! Because you are enjoying the whole view!


Thanks for reading. Have some thoughts? Drop them below and let's chat!

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