God Has Children, not Grandchildren


What makes family what it is? Is it the blood that runs through each member’s veins which keeps them bonded or is the pride or prestige of being associated with the name? For some people, family always comes first and nothing can be described as crossing the line when it comes to protecting the family.

Most of the times, our families are what they are not because of our parents but because of our grandparents who thought of us and the generations after us when they toiled hard enough to leave something for us. We may not have an intimate relationship with them but at least we are proud to be part of their posterity.

That is how most people from today’s generation see God. Our parents have a close relationship with them so automatically we are tagged to know Him too but we don’t. We see God as a loving Grandfather who looks after His children and the generations after them. That is true though but it is not simply because our parents know Him but because we have come to know Him personally and love Him for who He is.

So let’s not deceive ourselves hiding in our parents’ shadow, pretending to have a relationship with God whiles we go around doing something else. It is God’s will that we all get to know Him and experience His love and not live on other people’s testimonies and hearsays.

Photo credits to Google Images.

God wants to be our Father, someone we know well and love, someone we will run to whenever we need help, not a Grandfather who we can only see on our parents’ ticket, someone we have no desire to know but wish to benefit from His riches.

Make Him your Father today and you will never regret it.


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  1. Kim says:

    A good word.


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