Love Without Eyes Chapter Forty


He let go of her hand when they were out of the room. He turned to face her.

“Mr. Adams is the second potential investor I’ve spoken with so far. Soon, our company will be on its feet. Isn’t that good news?” Lucia said excitedly. Ted only stared at her.

“What is it? I thought you’d be glad that I’m doing this for us.”

“You thought I’d be glad?” He repeated, walking towards her, “You left without the courtesy of a phone call, a text or an e-mail and you expect me to be glad about it?” Ted asked.

“Okay, I think we’re talking about two different things. I’m talking about our company.”

“And I’m talking to my fiancée or that isn’t the case anymore?”

“Come on Ted…”

“You gave me your word that you wouldn’t run away again and you broke that promise. How do you think that makes me feel?”

“I didn’t run away; I signed up for some short courses so I just came to see them through.”

“Is that what you tell yourself so you can sleep at night?”


“Please tell me you’ve heard of online education, Lucia. If your so-called courses is your reason for leaving, it’s not good enough.”

“Could we talk about our…”

“And why the hell will you let Anita come work in your place?”

“The same reason why you’ve kept her by your side all this time although you claim you can’t stand her,” Lucia replied.

“Excuse me?”

“Anita is really good at what she does and that makes her almost indispensable so I thought why not use her?” Lucia said, folding her arms.

“Oh yeah, without discussing with me first?”

“Well, if you had a problem with that, you could have dismissed her but from what I hear, you haven’t so what’s this fuss all about?”

“You call this a fuss? You don’t do that to a guy, Lucia.”

“Do what? I’ve done nothing wrong!”

“Why would you send my ex-girlfriend to our company…?”

“Why are you referring to our company like it’s our matrimonial home?”

“It kind of is.”

“Well, it is because I trust you, Ted.” Ted chuckled.

“You trust me.”

“Yes I do. I did that because I don’t see Anita as a threat unless…you do. Wait, do you still have feelings for her?” He looked at her.

“How dare you ask me that, Lucia?”

“You’re the one giving me the vibe that I made the wrong move.”

“Yes, you did! You do realize that a man has got needs, right?”


“Yes, needs and so you just don’t abandon your man and ask his ex-girlfriend to come and take over.”

“Wait, when you say needs, you are talking about the company’s welfare, right?”

“Come on Lucia, don’t act naïve with me.”

“So what exactly do you mean by needs? Has Anita been seducing you?”

“Would you be surprised if I told you she was?”

“No, but I’d be if you were still retaining her at the office if she was. It’d only mean…”

“Ugh…ugh Lucia, I won’t let you spin this on me. You shouldn’t have let her in the office in the first place.”

“I really don’t see the point since you’d still see her at your dad’s office.”

“But this is different. Our place is quiet and…it is just not right.”

“So why didn’t you let her go?”

“Because you wanted her there.”

“Or because she was taking care of your needs…whatever they may be.”

“Anita knows me well, okay? She knows what to do, what to say to get me…”

“Uh huh…of course, she looks like a pro to me. So let me get this straight, when you say needs, you are referring to intimate stuff?” He shrugged.

“We’ve been together although for a short while but this has never been an issue.”

“Yeah because whenever I’m with you, I don’t have to ask for anything because your company is all I need to feel loved and safe but with Anita…”

“Fine, I’ll ask her to leave if you’re not feeling up to it.”


“It’s obvious that she knows your weakness and she’s exploiting it so I’ll fire her.”

“When are you coming home?” Ted asked.


“You know our parents are busily planning our wedding, right?”

“Well you can tell them to halt since we are obviously not ready to take that step yet.”

“Why did you leave? Is it because of what I said about me not trusting you?”

“Partly but I’ll be back soon. Allen said…”

“Allen? Allen is behind the reason for you abandoning me and your work to hide out here behind some stupid course?” Ted asked, flaring up.

“Hey, it is not some stupid course!”

“Why are you letting him come between us, Lucia?”

“He’s not. When he came over to the business dinner, he told me that the thief was threatening to leak the videos online and was trying to extort money from him. He suggested that since this guy didn’t know me or my family, it would be better if I left town so he sort things out quietly. That’s all.”

“So you’d only come home when he has given you the go-ahead?”

“He already has; last week. I’m staying because my exam is coming off next week. I’ll be back when I’m done.”

“Great; I’ll see you then,” Ted said and turned to leave.

“Are you leaving?”

“Yeah, what’s the point of hanging around if you’re not going to return with me? I’ve work to do, you know.”


“But so you know, you’re very heartless and selfish for leaving me the way you did. And I can’t believe I fell for someone like that,” Ted said and turned away.

Lucia shook her head making tears fall onto her cheeks.

“At least I’m doing something for our company.” He paused and turned.

“I don’t need you to be my business partner right now, Lucia; I need you to be my fiancée. But I can see you’re finding that very hard to do.”

“I am one and the same!”

“I think that is going be a problem.” He walked back towards her and took her hand, touching the ring.

“I am still very committed to spending the rest of my life with you, Lucia but I’m not so sure about us working together if it means it would threaten our relationship.”

“It is not.”

“Then why keep talking about business when I’m concerned about us?”

“I’ll be back home very soon, I promise.” He nodded as he kissed her hand.

“I’ll see you when you do come home,” He said and walked outside.

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