Reason vs Faith


We reason through things we see; we rationalize situations only to a point where our minds would allow us. With reason, there is no hope or assumptions, it works with what is available at the moment. One can only reason with logic; rationality and practicality are key components. Reason is the vehicle the secular world wheels on; the brain behind every invention, the only acceptable justification for every decision to take.

Faith-almost everyone has it; but definitely not in the same being. Some have it because they were raised in it; others have it because life has taught them to; some others because it is convenient for them and subject to their will. Faith demands the unshaking belief that something unseen exists even when all logic refutes it.

The world believes in facts, but facts do not necessarily mean the truth. Faith takes unrelenting trust to possess. People make it seem as if faith is for the weak-willed but the strongest in character are the ones who truly believe that Jesus came to earth to die for mankind, arose and will soon return for His own; when the world is trying its best to sell the story as a mere myth.

Reason has only two sides to a story; yes or no. It is either it can be done or it cannot. Faith says it is possible. It calls what is not as it is because there is more to the world than what the eyes can perceive and what the mind can understand.

Reason says a womb must be fertile and conducive to house a fetus; faith says all things are possible through Christ our Lord. Reason says terminal illness is a sure ticket to death but faith says in Him is life and in full abundance.

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Only people with short-term plans for their existence live by reason alone; people who are eternity-conscious live by faith. What do you live by?



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  1. Enoch Anti says:

    Your article seem to suggest reason is antithetical to Faith.

    “The world believes in facts, but facts do not necessarily mean the truth”.

    The statement is dangerous. Facts actually matters in faith. The facts presented in Scripture are necessarily true. Now faith is not a blind leap into the abyss. Faith is trust in God based on information and facts gathered. We have faith because in God because He has revealed Himself to us through His word. Our faith is based on the knowledge and facts gathered from Scripture. Faith comes by hearing the word of God which includes facts.

    Reasoning is a crucial tool in the development of faith and not an opposing force. Paul in Acts 17:2 reasoned with the people out of Scripture. Reasoning complements faith. That is why we are asked to rightly divide the word. This involves studying, analysing, asking questions and coming to conclusions. We have faith because there are certain facts the Bible has revealed to us. Our faith is built on God’s word.
    We must be careful not to in anyway create the impression that Faith suspends reason. If God asks us to love Him with our minds; it indicates reason and logic is present in faith.


  2. joseyphina says:

    Thanks for your submission, Mr Anti and I totally agree with you. What i meant by the term ‘fact’ was in the sense of logical reasoning outside of God’s perspective. The point I was making was that, reasoning according to the world’s standards places a limit on what you can achieve in life. But reasoning along God’s view on things doesn’t.


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