Trust Right


Trust is like an investment;

Sometimes you gain the expected returns;

And sometimes you lose everything;

You’d never know if you made the right choice

Until you’ve taken the risk.


Some people cannot be trusted;

Because they are not wired to handle the responsibility that comes with it;

Like bad business;

Trying to make it work is by pumping in too much of yourself

Is like trying to hold water in a woven basket.



Trust is not easy;

You can only earn trust by first proving yourself trustworthy;

To be able to keep someone’s trust starts with trusting yourself

To remain dependable at all times

Because trust lost may never be regained.


You may never find someone trustworthy

If you don’t give someone the chance to prove himself;

The same way you want someone to call you his confidant;

Give someone the opportunity to do same.


Photo credits to Google Images

Man betrayed God’s trust when he disobeyed in the garden;

But He didn’t give up on us;

He came back for us by laying down His life so we may have life;

Isn’t that a great reason to totally trust Him with ours

Knowing that He gave it to us in the first place?




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Phina, this is so very beautiful…such a wonderful way to begin the week! A delight to read and a blessing to embrace…have a wonderful week!


    1. joseyphina says:

      Thanks, Wendell. Have a great week too!


  2. Juned says:

    nicely written 🙂


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