Today’s All That Matters

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The future remains uncertain; Though little sneak peeks we may see;
But if there’s anything I’ve learnt about spoilers;
It’s that they don’t always turn out to be as expected.  

We’ve all been endowed with various talents;
Some to sing to soothe the soul; others to write to lift up spirits; Some to play (be it instruments or sports) to make people forget their woes;
And even some to just talk so people would feel cared for;  

The future is yet unknown but the present is ours to decide;
How bright it will be tomorrow depends on how hard we work today;
A little counsel here, a little more practice there;
Then we have reason to hope for a brighter tomorrow.  

The news may frustrate us, the government might disappoint us even more;
But in the end, it is entirely up to us;
Whether to wallow in despair or seize the obstacles and turn them into opportunities;
To stay buried or come out conquerors.  

So whatever you can do, don’t let it go;
Cherish it like a jewel;
Because it may very well be the key;
To the door that holds all the answers.  

Tomorrow may seem bleak but it is not for us to decide;
Today is what we have been given so let’s make hay now; Today is all that matters;
Let’s make the very best out of it.


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  1. You are right on the mark, Josey! Today is our reality. The Lord is certainly blessing your endeavors here as you continue to light up your side of the world. Shalom, young lady! 🙂


    1. joseyphina says:

      Shalom, Jeanne!


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