God Doesn’t Need Backup


You sometimes find yourselves in a situation where you have all it takes to handle it and before you know it, poof! All you are left with is so little that you may need some back up. Any time you feel you’re in control, something just takes away your assurance and leaves with so little hope to make it.

So what do we do? We turn around and blame the universe for the bad luck visited upon us or God for punishing us for past sins. But that is certainly not the case. When all options are taken off the table, we turn reluctantly to the One we know for sure can handle our situation. Reluctantly, because we wish we can do something for ourselves so we can take the credit.

The problem most of us have is that, we know with undeniable surety that God will do what He says He can do but we want to put other measures in place, you know just in case…things do not pan out the way we expect. And God wanting to prove to you that He is all in all, takes away all our back up plans and leaves us with nothing but Him.


So we feel jittery because we feel it is never safe to put all our eggs in one basket (in the case, put all our trust and hope in God alone). But God never comes short of our expectations; instead He fixes our problems and restores whatever we have lost beyond our wildest imaginations. We then feel guilty for not trusting Him enough to take care of us and then ask for forgiveness. After it all, we enjoy the blessings He has provided for us and suddenly, trouble strikes again. And it happens all again. We feel we are in control…

Let’s stop trying to play God…we were created to depend on Him. We will never be whole without Him. So let’s do our best and play our roles (trusting in and obeying Him) because He never fails in His.


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  1. Inspiring post.God does listen to us and hear us ,he wants us to trust him and ask him for help.Because he love each one of us unconditionally .Warm regards.jalMichael


    1. joseyphina says:

      God bless you, Jalal


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