The Fools vs. The Lost


Everything we see is a matter of perspective. What is meat to someone is poison to another. What is tolerable to one is unbearable to another. That is life.
The unbelievers of this world who see the Christians leaving everything behind to do all that they can to make the Kingdom of God known call them “Fools.” Why, because they are denying themselves of the pleasures of this world to work themselves out for the sake of their faith whiles life passes them by. So they watch the “Fools” with disdain and shake their heads with pity.

But they are not the only ones with a sense of perception. The believers who are constantly killing the desires of the flesh so as to be able to yield to the Spirit view the worldly people who only live by what they see and survive on only what the world has to offer them as the “Lost.”
Why, because they are blinded by the things of this world to perceive what truly matters in this life-seeking after righteousness so as to gain eternal life. So they in turn watch the “Lost” in their ragged and skimpy clothes, wasting their lives away with various addictions with pity and a heartache because of where they are headed.


So everyone thinks he/she is right. If you do not believe in what I do, suit yourself.  It is a free world, anyway. But it is up to us to convince the Lost that we are not the Fools here. After all the Bible says, only the fool says there is no God. The world would have a change of heart about us if they see a change of character from our camp. We as believers must work and live as one not one against another using slander and co-existing under the guise of hypocrisy. The world sees it when we are trying to pull each other down and they laugh at us. No wonder they would be calling us fools.

But we should approach the Lost with love not with the tone of judgment because it is not our place to judge another. Just say and do your part and leave the rest to God. Only He can stir the heart from stone to flesh. The more we win the Lost over to God’s side, the lesser the number of people who would remain to call us fools.


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  1. I’m reporting for duty! Amen


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