Love Without Eyes Chapter Thirteen


Why did you introduce yourself as Monique?” Mike asked Lucia as they were being driven back to the office.
“Because I believe mum is right. This is a new start for me and changing my name helps with it. At least it prevents the people in my past from popping back into my now; at least those who shouldn’t be back. And it will make mother happy,” Lucia explained.
“Ah well, if you’re okay with it. So you still don’t remember your recent past?”
“No, and surprisingly I’m not bothered by it. Perhaps there’s nothing memorable about leaving home.”
“Maybe you met someone nice…” Lucia glanced at him and laughed.
“You mean a guy? I don’t think so. I was dating Allen, remember? And even that, I’ve no memories of our time together. I just want to move on with my life.”
“With Allen?”
“I don’t know, dad. I spend time with him but I feel no…sparkle, you know? He’s a great companion but I doubt he’s my soul mate.” Her father chuckled. “Soul mate, huh?”
“Yeah, and I believe he’s out there, somewhere. I hope our paths cross any time soon.”
“And they will.” Lucia nodded with a smile.  
“What do you think of her, the Monique woman?” Anita asked. “She’s okay,” Ted answered, keeping his eyes on the road.
“Do you think she’ll fare well as the future heiress of her father’s business empire?”
“Yes I think so; she has the character required.”
“Which is?” He glanced at her for a second and turned his gaze back to the road.
“Certainly not sleeping with employees.” Anita rolled her eyes.
“How long are you going to keep punishing me for this? It is in the past and will never happen again!” Anita said defensively. “For your own sake, I hope so.” “It still hurts you which means you care about me. At least, I know you still have me in your heart and mind. I’ve hope that we can repair the damage I caused.” He snorted as he stepped hard on the accelerator.  

Ted downed another glass of scotch and hit it hard on the table.
“I take this that you had a hard time at work,” Dr. Grant said as he observed him.
“Yeah, kind of; we had to meet with a competitor and a company who wants to sell out and I didn’t really like the conclusion we reached,” Ted said.
“Then I don’t think drinking hard will help anyhow.” Ted went quiet and started tapping the table with the glass.
“Oh I’m not drinking because of business.”
“So what is it about?”
“I’ve done all I can to get in touch with her and she continues to elude me. And it took me this day to realize something; that after all this while since I left the hospital, she hasn’t even attempted to look for me.”
“How could you be so sure? Maybe she did but couldn’t find you so gave up.”
“Oh I don’t think so. For heaven’s sake, she could just google my name and she’ll definitely find me on the first page!”
“It must be frustrating.”
“She promised me she’d be by my side on the day of my surgery and she broke that promise. So at least she should contact me and explain to me why she wasn’t there at my greatest point of need. I at least deserve that.” “Not exactly, Ted. You’re a patient no, you were her patient.” “No…we were more than that or so I thought. I think I fell for her.” “Without setting your eyes on her?”
“That’s the funny thing; I fell in love with a woman with no idea how she looks like because I fell in love with who she really is and she’s is incredibly beautiful, doctor right from the inside. But I’m getting tired of waiting for her to call or show up and the fact that someone is trying so hard to erase our time together at the hospital is really getting to me.” “Maybe she isn’t the one for you.” Ted glanced at him.
“I don’t want to think that till I see her again and look her in the eye and know for sure that whatever I think I feel is not real.”
“So what, you’re going to hang on to your memories and bring your whole life to a halt?”
“I’m not halting; I’m going on just not fast enough so she can catch up with me because I don’t want to be the one who leaves the other behind.”
“Come to think of it, Lucia was friends with another nurse called Cindy.” Ted’s eyes lit up.
“Oh yeah, I remember her. You think she may know where she is?”
“I asked about her recently and she said she hasn’t heard from her ever since the day before your operation but I could find out if she knows where she lives or used to live.”
“Sure; thank you, doctor. You’re a good friend.” Dr. Grant smiled.
“With your mood, I hope I don’t become your doctor any time soon.”
“I’ll make sure of it.”
“But promise me something, Ted. If this happens to be a dead end too, you would go on with your life and find someone else to love.” He nodded and gulped another glass. He tapped Ted’s back.
“Let’s get out of here; you’ve had enough.”  

Everything was in a haze. People in uniform….rushing someone….nurses and doctors rushing a casualty to the emergency room. Doctors were shouting orders and nurses hurrying to follow them. Blood kept spurting from the victim’s side. She pressed her hand on the wound.
“Take your hand off him, nurse!” She did and he was quickly wheeled away. She brought her bloody shaky hands to her face and….
She woke up with a start.
“Shush, it is okay; it was just a bad dream,” Lucia’s mother said soothingly. Lucia was panting.
“How long have you been here?”
“For about five minutes, I think. What were you dreaming about that made you struggle so much in your sleep?” Sarah asked.
“I was at a hospital…some accident casualty had been rushed in and I was all bloody.” Lucia brushed her palm across her face.
“Hmm…does this mean you’re regaining your memories?”
“Maybe,” Lucia sighed as she collapsed on the bed.
“I see.” There was silence for some time. Lucia glanced at her.
“Is everything okay, mother?”
“Yes of course. I know it is selfish of me but left for me, your past memories should remain locked away.” Lucia sat up and put her arm around her mother.
“Don’t you worry mum, even if they all come back, I won’t leave home again unless you know, I get married.” They both chuckled. “You promise?” Sarah looked at her daughter with pleading eyes.
“Yes I promise, mum.” They hugged.
“Now try and get some sleep. You know your father wakes up very early.”
“Uh huh, too early for comfort. Goodnight, mum.”
“Goodnight, dear.” She left the room and closed the door. Lucia looked at her hands and the image of them covered in blood came to mind.
“Whose blood was it? Who was that guy?” She asked herself.


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  1. sighs, so close, why didn’t she say Lucia, he didn’t even recognize her name. I hope he doesn’t go back to Anita. But im loving it.. Cant wait for the next chapter. 🙂


      1. You very welcome! Hope all is well! God Bless:)


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