Love Without Eyes Chapter Eight


Lucia stared at Allen confused as he held her hand and tried to stop the tears running down his face.
“Why are you crying?” She asked.
“I’m sorry for everything…you shouldn’t be here.”
“It is okay; the doctors say I’m fine so I guess I’ll be out of here soon. And you’re here with me and I feel safe so it is okay.” Allen nodded and kissed her hand.
“Have you informed my parents that I’m here?” She asked. He glanced at her.
“You didn’t want to have anything to do with your parents; you never liked to talk to or about them.”
“Really? Well, now that my memories have been wiped out, I think it is best I start afresh, right?”
“Sure…of course. I’ll call them right away,” He said as he took her phone.
A nurse entered.
“I need to run some tests,” she announced.
“Go ahead; I’ll make the call outside. I’ll be right back, honey,” Allen said and left the room. His hands began to tremble suddenly. He sighed and pressed the call button.
“Good morning, Mrs. Baker…”

Ted got out of the back of his father’s car when it pulled out in front of the family’s company premises. His parents joined him at the main entrance.
“Welcome back, sir,” the security guard at the door said.
“Thanks,” he said and entered. Ted continued to reply to the employees’ greetings until he met Jake. He cleared his throat.
“Welcome back, sir.”
Ted ignored him and headed towards his office. Anita intercepted him on the way.
“Excuse me?”
“Please go to the conference room.”
“What for?”
“We have an important meeting son,” Mr. Bourbon said. Ted turned to look at his parents coming in.
“Fine; but she doesn’t enter the room,” Ted said, pointing at Anita.
“That’s not possible, son. We’re having this meeting thanks to her,” his mum said.
“I wonder what she might have done this time,” Ted muttered and entered the room. Everyone got seated. Anita sat opposite Ted. He swiveled his seat so as not to face her.
“Okay, good morning everyone. Today we meet here to hear some good news. After countless attempts to get McLean & Associates to sell their company to us, I’m glad to announce that it is likely to happen soon,” Mr. Bourbon said proudly.
“And we have no one but Ms. Anita Morgan here to thank for this.” Ted shot a stunned and suspicious glance at Anita who smiled innocently.
“How was she able to pull that off? I’ve tried to do that ever since I took over as Director-General,” Ted asked.
“Never underestimate the power of a woman, son,” Mrs. Bourbon said proudly, touching Anita’s hand gently with a smile. Anita smiled back.
“Uh huh; I think I’ve a very good idea.”
“Because of your incredible effort Miss Morgan, I believe it is only fair I let you handle all the official negotiations and transitional process…”
“What?” Ted asked loudly, almost springing out of his seat.
“Together with my son, of course,” he added, giving Ted a stern look.
“You too make a great team and I know you have the capacity to take this company to unimaginable heights. So whatever issue you two have, you better get it over and done with and be quick about it. Time is money. Let’s go, honey and leave them to sort out their problems.” They got up.
“See you at home, son,” Mrs. Bourbon said and kissed his son on the cheek.
“Yes mum; you know I’ll have to move back to my place any time soon.”
“Yes I understand you need to spend some time with your lady here…” Ted and Anita glanced at each other for a split second.
“It is not that…”
“I don’t want to know the details, dear. I understand. Have a nice day and don’t stress yourself out, okay?”
“Yes mum.” His parents left the room.
“Do you want to talk now?” Anita asked. Ted turned to face her.
“How did you pull it off? Did you drop your pants for the one in charge? I wouldn’t be surprised.”
“Don’t insult me, Ted; I wouldn’t stoop that low…”
“Insult you? You’re indeed a character, Anita. You sleeping with the owner of McLean will actually be a feather in your cap considering the last person you screwed.”
“Are we ever going to get past this?”
“I don’t think so; and the less I see of you around here, the better for both of us. I believe this place is too small for us. It feels you’re sucking all the oxygen in the room.”
“Teddy please…I know how much this means to you and that is why I went out of my way to make this deal happen so at least…”
“At least what, I would let your unfaithful act slide? It seems you don’t know me at all, Anita.”
“I’m sorry and it will never happen again. I’m ready to do anything you ask so we can go back to how we were.”
“You’d do anything? How about paying a visit to hell and actually staying there? You’ll be doing the whole of mankind a great deal of service,” Ted snapped.
“Ouch; okay, you’re still angry. I’ll give you all the time and space you need so get over yourself.” Ted chuckled.
“Get over myself, are you for real? I can’t stand you, Anita. If it was up to me, you’d be packing your stationery out of this building.”
“You’d sack me?”
“Without thinking twice. You’re here because you’re living on my parents’ good graces. Good for you but whatever plans you’ve in mind for the both of us, you might as well just forget them,” Ted said and walked out of the room.
Anita sighed. “One step at a time,” she assured herself.

A middle-aged woman rushed into Lucia’s room.
“Honey…oh no, what happened to you?” she said, as she touched her face lightly.
“You must be…Mrs. Baker,” Allen said cautiously.
“Yes I am; and you must be Allen, the guy who called. Thanks for letting me know. Lucia wouldn’t have called home even if she were dying.”
“But I called for you…mum.”
“Because you’ve lost your memories which I’d call a blessing at the moment. I’m so glad to see you alive, my dear. It is been a while since I saw or heard of you.”
“I’m sorry.”
“I must say I love the new you. We can all start afresh. Your father will be pleased to see you faring well. How about we call you by your middle name now?”
“My middle name?” Lucia asked, confused.
“Yes love; from now on, we’ll call you Monique. Do you like it?” Lucia shuddered.
“Well, it is my name, right?”
“Yes it is; Lucia Monique Baker but you never really used your middle name. What do you think, Allen?” she asked, turning to look at Allen who startled at the mention of his name.
“What do you think of us dropping her first name and calling her Monique from now on? Or you think Lucia suits her best?” She asked. Allen swallowed.
“Yeah, Monique is perfect; the name is a beautiful one.”
“Then Monique it is then,” She said with a contented smile.
The past is buried now; we can start afresh now, Allen thought gladly to himself. Maybe this was nature’s way of giving him a second chance with Lucia Baker and there was no way he was going to mess it up this time.


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  1. mkareblog says:

    Your writing is phenomenal! An escape into another world when i need to.

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    1. joseyphina says:

      Thank you! Glad you’re enjoying the escape! 😊


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