Sow A Seed

Imagine everyone’s life as a field; some fertile, others barren; some, rocky; and some others full of thorns. And you happen to be a laborer, carrying seeds of the Good News to whoever is willing to receive them. How will you plant these seeds knowing that some of these fields need special care before any seed could be sown?

Some people like fertile fields are well prepared and yearning to hear the Good News-all we need to do is to sow the seed and make sure it is watered regularly so it would grow up and bear fruit.
The barren ones represent the people who have simply given up because of how rough the world has dealt with them. They choose to believe they are the masters of their destiny so they would have to go any length to get what they desire. Because such people have lost their touch with God and have their ‘taste buds’ dull, we would have to remind them of the God who loved them enough to die for them even before they were born and have not stopped loving them ever since. These people need all the support and guidance we can offer so they can get on their feet and start in the commissioned race.

As for those with the rocky fields, they do have a relationship with God but recent events have shaken up the roots of their faith so much that they begin to question God’s plan for their lives. They are hanging on by a thread…might blow away wherever the winds please. They need our encouragement, our prayers and counseling to re-establish their stance in God.

Photo credits to Google (c) Images.

Then we have the people who are being choked by the thorns of this world. The never-ending, constant fast-upgrading pace of whatever sounds, looks and feels good to the flesh is slowing smothering people-subtly leading them to their graves. And the sad part is, those getting choked are not seeing the distractions as thorns but attractive roses. So there is the need for us to open their eyes to the truth and call things as they are. We must stand by them as they cut off these thorns-which can be a painful process so they need all the help they can get to heal from the scars and hedge their hearts with the truth so the thorns do not grow back.

So as we go about our day trying to reach out to people and tell them of the precious love and sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ, let us pray that we possess a sensitive heart to recognize the needs of the people we meet so we can help them get themselves together so that when the Word is finally sown in their lives, their hearts will be fertile enough to receive them and cause it to bear fruit.

And don’t get frustrated if some people do not receive the message of grace wholeheartedly. Just know that you’ve planted a seed and one day, it will definitely germinate-someone will surely water it. You have done your part and God is really proud of you.

Have a great day, people!


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