Love Without Eyes Chapter Three


“Where are you going in such a hurry?” Allen asked. Lucia turned to look at him.
“Work, where else? Something you should be busy looking for yourself,” Lucia said as she hastily applied make-up to her face.
“I wonder why you take time to make up your face when only sick and dying people will be the ones to look at you.”
“That may be true; with my lovely face, I would help put a smile on someone’s face and help someone remember how life outside the hospital is.”
“Life as in making up your face?”
“Part of it, yes.” Allen snorted. Lucia took her phone and keys from the bedpost.
“I might come home rather late tonight.”
“But we’re going to the movies tonight.”
“We can always go another time. See you, Allen,” she said and kissed his cheek.

Lucia entered Ted’s room to find a lot of flower bouquets in there.
“Wow…you finally reached out to your family, huh?”
“What are you talking about?”
“The flowers…your family sent them, right?”
“No; actually, they are for you.”
“Me, why? Today’s isn’t my birthday or any day special.”
“Oh but it is. Today marks your third month stay in this hospital.” Lisa sighed and chuckled.
“Seriously Ted, you shouldn’t have taken all the trouble to do this.”
“I wish I could do more…if I could at least see your face.” Lucia held his hand.
“And you will, Ted…very soon. I think Dr. Grant has managed to get a specialist on schedule.”
“That’s good to hear.”
“And for it’s worth, I’m not that pretty to look upon, Ted.”
“I doubt that.” She chuckled.
“And why would you think that?”
“You know we always define beauty by how prominent some physical features are but ever since I lost my sight, I’ve come to understand something. Even without one’s sight, one can still tell who is beautiful, who has a good heart and who’s a snake.”
“I see. Anyway, thank you for the flowers…they are all very beautiful.”
“As befits the recipient.”
“And who did you succeed to lure to go through all this trouble to get these?”
“That’s for me to know and you to wonder.” Lucia smiled gratefully.
“Good morning to you too, Ted. I’ll go straight ahead and examine you.”
“Okay.” After some moments, he said, “What is your full name, Lucia?”
“And why do you ask Ted?”
“Just in case you’re not here by the time I regain my sight, I can come look for you.” She giggled.
“I’m Lucia…Lucia Baker. And what’s yours?”
“Promise me you won’t laugh.”
“And why would I do that? I don’t laugh when I hear Asian names…”
“I’m Ted Bourbon.”
“Bourbon as in…”
“I see.”
“Are you smiling?”
“Are you trying to repress your laughter?”
“So you don’t find my name weird?”
“I wouldn’t call it weird…it’s just…kind of…interesting.”
“Yeah…and not easy to forget.”
“That’s good…promise you won’t forget me, Lucia.”
She chuckled. “With a name like that, I will never forget even if I were to lose all of my memory.”
“I’ll hold you to that promise, Lucia.” He held her hand and squeezed gently.

Later in the day, Lucia took Ted out for a stroll in a wheelchair.
“Oh…feels so good to breathe in fresh air.”
“I know,” Lucia sighed as she sat down.
“The lady who came to see me some days ago was supposed to be my wife soon.”
“I see…she’s really pretty and classy. Wait, did you say, was supposed to? What happened?”
“She cheated on me.”
“Oh…that’s horrible…but honestly, it’s hardly news these days. Cheating seems to be the obvious flaw of every relationship of today.”
“I know but Anita…I really thought she was the one for me.”
“Are you going to judge her because of just one mistake?”
“Did you call ‘cheating’ a mistake? Being rude to a stranger can be termed a mistake or spilling a drink on someone is a mistake not deciding to cheat on your guy with a potential groomsman…that’s outright heartless.”
“If your fiancé cheated on you, would you let it go?”
“Well, maybe…maybe not. Sometimes we drive our partners to go out and find someone else to be with. If I’ve a role to play in that, maybe I’d let it go.”
“I see,” Ted remarked.
“So when you get out of here, what’s next? You’re just going to pick up from where you left off?” Lucia asked.
“I’m going to try…it’d be like starting all over because the world isn’t as perfect I thought it to be and the woman I thought was going to be my side throughout my lifetime isn’t meant for me so…there are some adjustments I need to make.”
“I wish I had the chance to start all over…”
“Oh yeah? You can if you decide to.”
“Yeah…it’s not as easy as it sounds, Ted.”
“It is…it just begins with the decision to do so, Lucia.” He held her hand. “Who knows, we could do so together when I’m done with this place.” She smiled.
“Hmm…sounds good but we don’t know the plans the future has for us.”
“But it doesn’t hurt to try.”

Dr. Grant entered Ted’s room as he was getting settled on his bed.
“Good day, Ted. I do have good news for you.”
“You do? When do I get out of here?”
“Sooner than you expect. Your injuries have seen tremendous recovery in a very short time so you’re set to undergo the surgery early next week.”
“That’s good!”
“Indeed it is. So hopefully by next week today, you’ll be able to see again.”
“I can’t wait.”
“The feeling is mutual. I’ll see you soon,” He said and left.
“Did you hear that, Lucia? By next week, I’d be able to see again.”
“Yeah…it’s wonderful news.”
“And then I can get to see your face.”
“I’ve told you Ted, my face isn’t…”
“I’ve seen your heart and that’s all that matters to me…I fell in love with someone because she was pretty and elegant and see where I ended up. No matter how hard you try to convince me otherwise, I do believe you’re a beautiful lady, Lucia Baker. After all, how bad could you look? You don’t look like a maimed chimpanzee, do you?” She chuckled.
“Of course not.”
“Then you’re fine.” Lucia laughed.
“You’re funny.”
“I love your laughter…sounds nice.”
“Okay, now you’re making my head too heavy to carry on my neck. Get some rest, will you?”
“I’m dreaming of you.”
“My eyes are already closed, remember?”
“I’ll see you in a couple of hours, Ted. Have some rest.”
“And you, take care.”
“I will.” She stepped out of his room.


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  1. GREAT narrative ~ dialogue that engages the reader! xo


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