Look Around You

We have loved ones all around us…

Like stars up in a dark sky;
We are the light of the world;
No matter what we do, we cannot hide;
Because the darker the times become, the brighter we shine.

No matter where we find ourselves be it on campus, or at the workplace, it no longer feels ‘awkward’ when people shun us because of our faith. That is where the world has gotten to now. And it is sad that some of us are ‘getting used to the attitude’ and leaving them be when what we should be doing is being more burdened and determined to rescue the perishing among us.

I believe everyone has at least one person in his or her family, at the office, in class or at the hostel room or flat/apartment who isn’t set in his/her ways. We all happen to know someone who may profess to be Christian but nothing this person does proves this. Maybe, he hasn’t really come to know his true identity in the God he’s professing to serve and thus is merely messing up or maybe life has been cruel to him and has given up on himself and God. Either way, such people shouldn’t be tagged ‘hopeless cases.’

Wherever we find ourselves…

These people are our friends, colleagues, neighbors-people whose eternity status should be a matter of deep concern to us. Hell sounds like a very terrible place and no sane person should even wish it for his/her enemies no matter how much one might despise them.

Take a moment each day to remember these ones in prayer, pleading God’s mercies on their behalf for them to receive the priceless salvation of our Lord before it is too late. And those we can talk to, let’s put all pride or uncertainty aside and walk up to them. They might not appreciate your concern but later, they surely will.

Let’s reach out to them.
Photo credits to Google (c) Images.

Let’s our hearts be sensitive for the souls we find around us. Where is the joy of having your soul saved at the last day and not to find anyone you know around you?

Think about it.
Just a day at a time, a minute at a time, a soul at a time and God will reward you in ways you never thought possible.

Have a soul-seeking/winning day, everyone!


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