The Hard Bargain

Are you ‘bet’ worthy?
Photo Credit to Google (c) Images

To determine the true value of something;
You sometimes have to tear it up in different pieces;
To find out if the real worth can still be found.

You may be blessed in every way;
Wealth, health and everything else that goes with it;
Because you’ve lived a life pleasing in the eyes of God.

Then in a twinkle of an eye, everything you own is stripped away;
Possessions, family and everything else you could call as your own;
They all vanish in a puff…as if they were never there.

If you were to be stripped of everything you own and love;
Your beloved family, job and property;
Will you still stand your ground and give God the glory?

The Enemy is always trying to trade us with God;
Trying to strip us of everything that makes us comfortable;
Anything that would make us curse our God.

So how much is our loyalty to our Lord worth?
Is it conditional to how much comfort we are offered?
Or will it still stand when everything we cherish is gone?

Are you worth bargaining for?
Can you be trusted enough to be handed over to the furnace
And still come out as pure gold?

Job was caught up in a game where his loyalty was tested;
Everything was taken; even his health;
But in the end, God was right about him.

If you are put to the test, how well do you think you will fare?
Will you give up at the first test or will you hold on?
Will you make your God proud and put the enemy to shame?

Just something to think about. Have a great day, people!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Beautiful message Phina, very beautiful….your words are so inspiring!


    1. joseyphina says:

      Thanks Wendell, stay blessed! 🙂


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