Aspire For Blessings

It is everyone’s dream to be successful in his or her lifetime. A stable job, a wonderful family and some luxuries to boast of. It is good to dream, because vision is the essence of living. It is impressive and very motivating to find people to go all the way out to achieve the “American Dream.”

We are all competing against one another for the same jobs, admission slots and even life partners. We live in an era where survival of the fittest is the only rule of the game. So after you have accomplished all you’ve set to do, it is another ball game sustaining your status because these days, the weather is the least unpredictable element of our day-to-day activities.

What people call success, I call them blessings. Most people earned what they own right now because they used what they have to get what they wanted. But thanks to Grace, you can have all your heart desires without having to lose your integrity in the process. If only we would be patient and wait for our appointed time to come, the God of all blessings would fatten us with even what our minds are scared to imagine.

Hard work can reward you with material things: houses, cars, a fat account and anything else the body can crave for. But to have respect and honor requires more than being an influential figure in politics or finance. It is forever your portion if only it is divinely bestowed on you.

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Unlike the success by worldly means which is sustained by having fat accounts of blackmail against whoever attempts to cross the paths of the ‘bosses’ and can all vanish in a puff, God gives us the whole package. He accessorizes the gift with favor, good health and honor so we can live long to enjoy the pleasures of His goodness.

So whenever you pray, don’t ask for success by the world’s standards. Pray that God showers His blessings on you; because with His gifts, there are no expiration dates. They are rather renewed each day. What an awesome God we have, don’t we?


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Andrea says:

    nothing more of you heard long time ago you’re healthy?


    1. joseyphina says:

      Yes I am, Andrea…thanks for the concern. Hope u are as well. 🙂


      1. Andrea says:

        **MANY HUGS**


  2. Phina, your message was right on point…I really enjoyed it…thanks for sharing my sister…God bless!


    1. joseyphina says:

      And thanks for reading, Wendell!


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