Out of coverage

It can get very frustrating sometimes…

Everyone loves a comfortable zone. A stress-free, in total control and predictable place where we can triumph even with our eyes closed. We pride ourselves at being masters of our various fields which is not a bad thing…it does feel good to be excellent at something and know that you’re that good.
We all started as students, apprentices and onlookers at some point. How humbling that stage is! We watch with incredible wonder as the ‘masters’ do their thing and wonder when we would wear their shoes. And thank God, here we all are!

The thing about being a master is, we tend to forget the sentiments and the perspectives we had when we were servants. We sometimes ignore to look at the things through the lens of humility and readiness to learn. And when we lose that spice, we hinder ourselves from gaining more from our Father because we refuse to be students again. We tend to think we’ve mastered everything there is to learn.

Photo credits to Google (c) Images.

So sometimes all God has to do is to take us out of our comfort zones and put us in the classroom again. There and then we realize there’s more to achieve and harvest from the goodness of our God. You may be the indispensable employee at the company you work and you think you’re at the top of the mountain. Allow God to draw you out of there and place you somewhere else and you’ll realize that place was just a hill compared to your present stance.

God doesn’t rip some good possessions, positions and privileges from us just to punish us. He only wants to show you He is more than able to give you greater things if only you would trust Him. So next time some wind blows you out of your comfort zone, don’t freak out. If you wake up one day and you find yourself out of coverage, don’t think you’re lost because He has found you. Just seize the opportunity that each experience brings and learn something from it.

So rejoice when you feel out of coverage….God is taking you to a better network!


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