In the World but not of It

It’s not fun always being the odd one out, right?

Like a fish out of water, here we are
Living in the wild jungle of this world where we don’t belong;
Weird and anxious we all feel,
Like sojourners lost in a foreign land;
We have to adapt to this world without having to be a part of it.

Even chicks know when they look different…. 🙂

How can you be an island surrounded by a sea of many others?
How long can you stand been beaten up with the pressures of the world?
The waves wash over you again and again, wiping off a piece of you each time;
Strong winds blow threatening to uproot the pillar of trees on your territory;
Surely you can stand as long as you have your hope steadfast in God.

Be careful you don’t lose yourself to this world…

Easy it’s not, having to live right when no one around you even knows what that means;
Hard it is, to stand your ground and say no to one offer of pleasure to the other;
Faithful we must remain if we really don’t want to miss out on our final destination;
Steadfast we must be so we don’t slip away into the oblivion of this world;
“Well done, my good and faithful servant!” you will surely hear.

Looks lovely but also lonely, right?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. But don’t we all feel this way to some degree? I know Jesus’ company is where I’d rather stand by. My physical differences have accustomed me to never really Belonging anywhere in “the world” for which I’m grateful for ~ Terrific write up!


    1. joseyphina says:

      Thanks Deb. It is a fact that it’s never easy having to sometimes stand up to the world for your faith but our eternal hope in God helps us to keep on standing. Have a great day! 🙂


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