Beloved, let us love…

Today, everyone seems to be in a good mood. Why, it’s a day of love. Even the meanest people tend to smile when you pass by them. Amazing how we do all we can to honor such a day just to throw it all away 24 hours later!

It is good to set a day aside to forget all the hurt and resentment we feel towards people and just open up our hearts to love them just the way they are. But it is best to make it a lifestyle to love; love without conditions, and reservations. Our love for others should not depend on our mood for the day or a careless remark others might have made concerning us.

Love is sweet, peaceful, setting you free from the bondage of resentment;
It shows you how possible it is to live peaceably with those around you;
It says, ‘forgive’ to those who hurt you;
It is patient and kind to those who refuse to appreciate you;
Love is God’s gift to mankind.

Why don’t you share God’s love with someone today? It could be a small note, reminding someone about God’s unconditional love-who knows, it could be a treasure to the one on a day like today.
Let’s take the time to tell the ones we cherish how much they mean to us and remind them of the One who loves them most. Being alive today is a perfect proof for us all.

Happy Val’s Day, folks!


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  1. Happy Valentines Day to you too!!


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