It’s Your Love…

Oh what a love! Love indescribable, love divine, love from above!
It’s your love…which never gives up on me…no matter how far I go from You;
Your love is like a cup overflowing unconditionally….which never runs out on me;
Your love is the only one which has stood the test of time…even from the beginning;
Even from the foundations of the earth….you created it with love;
I have tasted of this love and what can I say? I never want to spend a day without it!

What at all can separate me from the love of God?

Shall heartbreaks, parental disappointments, betrayal by friends, health breakdown, material lack….stop me from loving my God?
The knowledge of the love of God is more precious than the costliest and rarest jewel on earth.
The only cure for an empty life is the love of Christ which continues to flow freely from His pierced side;
The kind of love which kept Him nailed to the cross when I spat and mocked at Him;
The love which keeps His arms still open wide for me; waiting for me to run into them;

This is love…a love without strings, conditions and discrimination;
It is not a love of convenience; it is a love for evermore.
It is a love I will never understand or fully describe;
Because all the words in the world cannot express even a drop of it;
All I can say is thank You Lord for being God.
No one could have loved me this much apart from you.
This is me pouring out my heart to You…

Heavenly and deeply loved,


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lester Young says:

    I know your letter moves His heart…it moved mine.



  2. And you pour it out in such a beautiful way!


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