New Year Resolutions…

I hope you all enjoyed the Christmas in a way you haven’t before; you spent some quality time with family and friends, had time to reflect on how you fared the past year and your resolutions for the coming New Year. Like everyone else, you progressed in some areas and also did some things you are not so proud of. But it is okay, we thank God for grace who has given us this year as a second (or perhaps the nth) chance to make up for the many little defects we still have.

This year particularly has fled away so fast that it still seems the month of August was just a week ago because I do remember the events so vividly. But I see this as a blessing because I can clearly remember most of the significant events that took place in my life.

As usual, we all try to tie up any loose ends and start afresh in every New Year with different resolutions and goals. What I’ve realized is that, New Year resolutions become difficult to fulfill because we see them as goals to complete and not as a working progress. Most of the resolves we make are attitudinal and it takes time to achieve them. So we feel like we failed when things don’t play out the way we hoped.

So let’s not be hard on ourselves when setting up new objectives. Life has a way of changing our plans sometimes in a crazy dramatic way; so let’s find a way of adjusting our plans to allow for such unforeseen eventualities.

For me, I want God to prune me: shed off the attitudes and the people in my life whom I don’t need any more so I may grow the way He needs me to so I can be who He wants me to be. I know it is not going to be easy but I know it is good for me. Allowing God to have His way with you is much bearable than fighting it and trying to figure out your life your own way. It is tiring and a complete waste of time on our part. I know this would take time (my entire lifetime, maybe) but it is better I start now. Time is something we all don’t have on our side so we should all sit up and get serious.

Instead of making resolutions year in and year out and finding out at the end of each one that it’s almost impossible to sort them out, why don’t you let God do it this time around? Leave the year in His hands and let Him set the goals and the rules. It won’t be an easy game but you can be confident that you will win having Jesus as your life coach.

Have a blessed and fruitful New Year, folks!


Thanks for reading; would love to read your thoughts!

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