Don’t Ever Think…

It is a normal human tendency to feel important when it seems obvious that you are indispensable in your inner circle being it at your workplace, in your class or wherever. Everyone looks up at you to give the right answer at the right time; you may have found favor in the eyes of the significant others who make work easier for you. Then as your colleagues praise you constantly, one thought begins to linger in your mind: What can these people do without me?

Regrettably, some people think that about God the same way. Your talent/ministry might have taken you places you never could have imagined; your labor flourishes without much effort and you may have imparted into the lives of many. Then you look around and wonder, so if I’m not here, who else would do it?

This single and seemingly harmless thought has led to the fall of so many a man who worked tirelessly for God. Thinking that you are indispensable to God is a grave mistake to commit because no one is. The minute you abandon your task, God has more than one person readily prepared to pick up from where you left off. God prepares the hearts of those who have availed themselves to Him to take up various tasks pending those who are already working in His vineyard.

Hence, do not ever think God can’t accomplish His plans without you in the picture. See it as a privilege to be called by God and to work in His service. Don’t think you are the only one and be conceited about it because pride goes before a fall.
Whatever our ministries are, let’s be thankful to be chosen to be a part of the Lord’s army to fight the enemy and rescue the lost as best as we can because a glorious crown awaits us.

Have a blessed day, folks!


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