This year is passing by….the next one is fast approaching

We all started this year with full enthusiasm about making a new turn in our lives. Some vowed to let go of old habits and others, to imbibe new ones. We all wanted to become better people this year; to our family, friends and loved ones. Now here we are in the last month of the year….when we look back at our endeavors throughout the past months, what at all have we achieved?

Some of us were able to realize some of the dreams and aims we set for ourselves; and others have just realized that they attempted at all of them but couldn’t fulfill even one. We compare ourselves with others and we may feel a bit left behind: some of our colleagues have gotten married, found good jobs, are furthering their studies and others. But some of us also feel that though we have been running around all these months, the truth is, we are still at the same spot.

Now this year is quickly fading out and people have started to make plans for the coming one. A colleague said, ‘

how we end this year determines how we start the next year.

’ And this is very true. A lot has happened these past months although it seems like January was just a month ago. To be able to live out our plans faithfully for next year, we better start now. We should hold on to the integrity and the respect we have as Christians. This is during this period that our integrity is tested the most. We should take our relationship with God more seriously than ever. Lay the foundation firmly by imbibing the word of God fully and walking according to the Word. Pay attention to your devotion to God now more than ever. Whatever opportunities you may have missed this year, it is not too late. God is never late…you can regain what you missed if set your path right with God.

Each year is a level of life on which everyone is standing. And next year is another level for another phase of life. We are all growing up and we need to realize that when we make God as a standard in our life in order to live a godly, fulfilling life.
Let’s make these last days count…..we’d never have them again.

Have a blessed month, folks!


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  1. stpurity says:

    Nice piece Jose,if we live our lives like everyday is ‘January’ with all the consciousness of our resolutions, i think we would be better people than we are now.


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