The Beautiful Blogger Award

I am more than honored to be nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award by Lgyslaine. This award appreciates sites that impact the lives of their readers and also inspire them. Thank you Lgyslaine for deeming worthy to receive such a lovely award. I am humbled by your gesture and may God bless you for that.

Lgyslaine is an amazing writer who never ceases to fill me with wonder with his lovely English and French poems. I particularly love the French ones because they are so sweet! Please find the time and visit his blog, and you will never regret you did.

Joseyphina hereby nominates the following blogs for this lovely award as well:

This is just a humble gesture to show you how much I appreciate your blogs and how blessed I am every time I read any of your posts. This award also goes to all the other blogs I follow as well. You are all great and such a great blessing to me.
I dedicate this award to all my sweet and faithful readers and followers of

Your sister in Christ,


7 Comments Add yours

  1. LAND OF FUN says:

    Much Congratulation dear !


  2. Congratulations on your award.


  3. Susan Michaels says:

    Most deserved! Blessings and congratulations!


    1. joseyphina says:

      Thanks and much blessings to you too, Susan!


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