The Only One…

Seasons come and go
The sun shines and sets,
The rain pours and stops;
The only constant One on earth is You.

Friends come and go;
Some leave smiley memories;
Others leave indelible scars;
The only everlasting Friend in this world is You.

Circumstances come and go;
Some make us stronger at the end;
Others drain the last drop of strength we have;

The only One who stands by through it all is You.

Leaders come and go;
They say a lot but do little;
They practice not what they preach;
The only righteous Ruler in this entire universe is You.

Dreams come and go;
Some end up becoming life purposes;
Others only remain as fantasies;
The only one who makes dreams come true is You.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Edwin says:

    This is beautiful.


    1. joseyphina says:

      Thanks, Eddie…..your comment just brought a smile to my face.


  2. Lester Young says:

    Very simply and elegantly put, J!



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