Every Day…

Every day is a new challenge. Every day is a new opportunity. Every day comes with its own blessings and burdens. Every day comes with its unique purpose. Every day….is a gift from God, packaged with brand new mercies and a chance to experience another dimension of God’s faithfulness.

Every day is a new chance to set things right. Every day is another opportunity to learn something new about God, yourself and the people around you.

Every day is a reminder that you have a purpose to fulfill in life which is yet to be completed.

Every day is God’s special way of telling us He loves us so much to keep us alive.

Every day is yet another chance to let someone go in sincere forgiveness. Every day is another chance to tell your parents you appreciate them for making you who you are today. Every day presents another occasion to tell your friends and loved ones how much they mean to you. Every day is another opening to tell someone that Jesus loves him or her regardless of the colorful past he or she might have had.

Maybe you woke up this morning wondering how your life is going to play out; how different you are going to do things and whether you can achieve what you wanted to today. I do not know how tight your schedule might be but always make sure to commit your day to God and trust Him to take you through every hour.

Whenever you receive good news, don’t forget to first thank the Lord for making it possible. Whenever you receive bad news, always pray to Him to give you strength to deal with it. Whenever you are stressed and confused, just take a moment and ask for His peace in your heart and mind. Why am I recommending these? This is because every day is a battle against your stand to live a godly life.

Don’t take for granted the gift of this day and the rest of the days ahead of you. It is for a purpose. Make every day meaningful.

Have a great, blessed, fruitful, God-minded, Holy Spirit-filled day!

Joseyphina’s World © 2012.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Leka43 says:

    Joseyphina, what you’ve written is so full of truth, and blessing. Thanks very much, it’s a wonderful lift up to start my day!



    1. joseyphina says:

      Thank you Lester and God bless you for your heart-warming messages.


  2. Wayne Augden says:

    Thank you, Joseyphina…beautifully said…:)


  3. Kate Kresse says:

    so very wise. each day is His precious gift to us.


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