Just Hold On

I know life is full of trials and challenges;
Various tests and temptations are inevitable;
I know how it feels like because I’ve been there;
Just give Me your hand and hold on.

When thunder strikes and lightning flashes,
When the strong winds blow and the clouds gather;
Don’t be afraid because I am with you;
I will be by your side till the storm passes away.

When the ground feels shaky and slippery,
Don’t doubt My power to hold you steadfast;
When you feel all hope is lost and alone,
Don’t go searching for help because I’ll be with you all the way.

Whenever you cry, I’ll be there to comfort you;
Whenever you get lost, I’ll find you;
Whenever you need My help, I’ll be there;
Just give me your hand and hold on.

When the waves blow you away, I’ll come and carry you;
Don’t be afraid for you will make it through with Me by your side;
Just call on My name and I’ll come running;
For you are My dearly beloved.
Inspired by “Hold On” track by 33 Miles; “Hold On” track by James Fortune & FIYA.


Thanks for reading; would love to read your thoughts!

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