How’s your heart doing today?

You woke up this morning, took a bath, dressed up and looked in the mirror to find out how you looked. This is a routine thing as everyone wants to look good. No matter how late you are for whatever appointment you have, you would definitely make sure to take a look at yourself in the mirror before you step out. We do this so that no matter where we are, we have an idea of how we look.
As humans, our appearance is important to our self-esteem. We want to appear well made-up to other people. People’s perception of us matters to us. As Christians, God’s perception of us must matter most of all. When God looks at you, does he smile, frown or cry?
How would you know how God sees you? Simply read His Word. The Word of God is like a mirror that reflects our lives to see if they are in the state that pleases God. The same way we would never leave our homes without taking a look at ourselves in the mirror, let’s make it a point never to go to work or class without taking a look at our heart in the mirror of God’s word. I know sometimes things happen and we wake up late and everything is done in a rush. But let’s make sure at least to do it before the day ends. Practice they say makes perfect.
God’s Word should be more than a devotional to us. It should be like a business plan, an itinerary. It is bread and water for the spirit and soul. The same way it is important to take breakfast as it is healthy for the body, so should we feed our spirits so they don’t get starved.
Although we sometimes rush with our make-up in front the mirror, we shouldn’t do same with the reading of God’s word. Read the Word diligently and prayerfully. Take careful note of all punctuations because misreading it leads to misinterpretation. Apply the Bible to yourself and apply yourself to the Bible. Are you living according to God’s Word or are you drifting off? If you are, it’s not too late to get back on track. You wouldn’t even know that you are drifting off if you don’t read the Word regularly; the same way you wouldn’t know if your make-up is going well till you look into the mirror.
If you can remember to take a look at yourself in the mirror every morning, then please don’t forget to take a look at the state of our heart to know it is in the right condition.

Have you taken a look at your heart today?


Thanks for reading; would love to read your thoughts!

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