It Is

This is from a quiet time I had months ago that still ministers to me whenever it comes to mind. The words ‘it is…” drops in my spirit just at the time when I need the reassurance to go on in life. Jesus Christ used ‘It is’ during three instances in the Bible which teaches something very relevant for our lives today.

The first instance was when the devil attempted to tempt Jesus after His long fast. Because our Lord was obviously hungry, the first thing the enemy offered was food. Most of the times, what the enemy offers is a tantalizing way out of a difficult situation. The answer our Lord gave was “It was written…” to each of the offers the devil made. Jesus used the word of Scripture to thwart the wiles of the enemy. This is to teach us that, no matter what trial or temptation we find ourselves in, God’s word is available and potent enough to deal with them.

The second instance was when the disciples saw someone walking on the water towards their boat in the midst of a storm. When the disciples cried out to Him in fear demanding who He was, He only said, “It is I.” When He got into the boat, the stormy sea calmed down. This is to teach us that, though the storms in life are inevitable, whenever you call on Him and enters your ‘boat’ (whatever situation you are in); He will calm the storms down and restore peace in your life. We should stop trying to fix our problems by ourselves and surrender them all to Him. Only He has the power to completely calm the storms of diseases, financial distress, marriage and family problems, studies, unemployment and social problems. All you have to do is call Him in. He is always ready and willing to help us out.

The third and I believe the most powerful instance is when He had endured all that was done to him on the way to Calvary and was hanging on the cross. After tasting the vinegar given Him, His last words were, “It is finished.” His mission on earth is finished everyone! He paid the price for our sins with His very own life and blood. We don’t have to do anything to pay for our salvation before Jesus already did that on the cross. Our debts of sins have been paid and we have been set free. All we have to do is to believe and accept Him as our Savior.

In sum, these three instances show that our Lord Jesus Christ is proof, presence and provision enough to take us through this journey of life to the very end. You don’t need anyone or anything else. Jesus is enough; in fact, He is more than enough. Just remember, it is.


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